Random Thoughts

The Lord Is My Shepherd ....

Roseanne Greene

The Lord is My Shepherd . . . .not an ATM

It is best for me to be on speaking terms with God, most days.  There are indeed times
when I can call on the Communion of Saints for help and St. Patrick does an excellent job
of dispersing the garter snakes.  St. Anthony, on the other hand, some days takes his own
sweet time locating the missing car keys.  However, on the usual days, I will be speaking
directly to their Boss.  These conversations tend to be on the order of musings between
friends, and it is common knowledge that it's not polite to be seeking money from a friend
. . .for certain, it's not to be prayed for.  But, these chats are never on the level of prayer
sessions and on occasion a few extra dollars would make the day brighter and the load

Last Monday, facing the prospect of another car repair bill, I was chatting with God:  "We
both know I'm not about to win the lottery, but You know, getting around without my car
is limiting my scope of activity.  Understand now, I can operate with 'just enough'.  So, if
you could help out with this matter, I'd like that."

While sorting through old mail, I had found a brochure from the State Lottery that would
let me "buy one . . .get one".  My flag of optimism is usually unfurled in the breeze as I
sail off on small adventures, so, onward . . .to the local grocery for some Quik-Piks.
Frantic scratching of instant winner cards produced a winner!!!!  Enough cash to buy a
round trip ticket to Boston.  And exactly what will I do when I get there?

Meanwhile, back at the house, the answering machine was recording a request.  "Would
you like to come in and work a few days this week?"  Three days work after taxes equals
$150.00 and the car bill is $200.  Close enough with a $50 deductible.


Virginia Hanley also chats with God.  Quoth she: "You know, God, I have enough to
cover these checks I'm writing, but a couple of hundred more dollars would be nice." The
next day in the mail she received a check for two dollars.  Her conclusion:  God has
trouble with decimals, too.  But on further reflection, she decided God was saying, "Trust
Me.  I know what you need.  You will never be rich but you won't be destitute either.
Trust in Me."

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