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The Lost Kitten

... aging frustration and nine lives.

Marjorie Burgess

Where do I start?  How do I start?  My teaching schedule is in place.  But I must put off transcribing my notes scribbled at 2 A.M. this morning.  My mind is in turmoil over a kitten who once must have had a home with a loving family.

We had just voted and were about to return home when a young woman approached us, kitten in hand, upset by the prospect of leaving her in the street. She exclaimed, "What should I do?  I have four cats at home."

My husband was already holding the kitten in his arms. The decision was made for us to care for her until her rightful owners would be found.

Fine!  I called up the local Humane Society giving a full description of the missing pet who was wearing a blue woven collar circled with what appeared to be a cellophone stripe.

But are the playful antics of this lively youngster beyond the capabilities of her senior and  temporary guardians?  She climbs inside the opening of the grand piano and enjoys poking the strings.  She finds it exciting fun to scale the curtains and whack the crochet pull of the window shade.  This destination is reached by way of scooting across the sewing machine directly in front of the bedroom window. Treasures have been carefully positioned here; a beautiful handcrafted enameled vase containing a small bouquet of dried flowers, sculptered figures of a camel and its keeper, all created by my artist daughter, two small framed pictures of our baby grandson, a  Christmas present called a dioptric scope, said to be designed during the George Washington era,  and a plastic windup alarm clock. All of the items are arranged on an Irish green towel to protect the surface of the faithful old sewing machine from the prowlings of the numberless cats who have lived out their "nine lives" with us, adding so much affection and companionship.

This mischievous ball of fur needs a home with a someone who will appreciate the boundless energy, the measureless curiosity, the fun loving nature of this new arrival.

What will the future hold for this funloving, uninhibited charmer? All our animal companions grew old with us, but she cannot.  We are already too old.

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