Unrequited Art -- Solicited

... A new dimension for displaying work by local artists -- your input is requested.

Donald R. Norris

Perhaps you'll recognize the House of Seven Gables in this painting done by Silverstringer Don Norris, one of the original members of the late Melrose group called The Atelier. It was done during Don's watercolor/pen-and-ink period, early in his brief career as a selling artist.

Don has now retired as a dedicated painter and has resumed writing stories for such not-quite-radical electronic newspapers as this one, the Melrose Mirror. He is, in fact, an editor with this organization, and brings with him an appreciation of the bountiful supply of art originated by his fellow Melrosians.

"In brief", he said, "we now ask Melrose artists to submit a sample of their artwork for publication in the Mirror". Here is the plan:

"Since we are a non-profit organization", he explained, "your submitted artwork shall remain unrequited, for we have no funds to pay you for the temporary loan of you images. We do, however, have ample free space (thanks to the largess of the Media Lab at MIT and the Melrose Council on Aging) for publishing selected works on the internet.

"This is significant", Norris said, "in that chosen works will have exposure to a world-wide audience.

"We have a couple of caveats: First, the Stringers get to pick and choose, and to make final selection of what goes in the Mirror. Second, one painting is obligatory, two may be permissible, three possible at the discretion of the project manager. Should the Stringers decide they want to feature any particular artist, more samples may be advisable -- along with any copy the staff writer feels appropriate.

"The third caveat, which is temporary", Norris continued, "depends upon what scanning machinery we can find at MIT. At present the size of artwork is limited to 8 1/2 by 14 inches, which is the size of our scanner at the Senior Center. Larger works, including three-dimensional art, can be photographed, and high quality photos submitted instead of live art. And one more thing -- frames and glass don't fit in the scanner; therefore your art has to be supplied sans frames, in naked form. Canvas panels may work. We do have a digital camera on hand, but this system is not preferred.

Accepted images will run on our pages for two or three months, more or less. Your artwork and its image remain your property, and no one can use it for commercial purposes without your written consent. Keep in mind, however, that folks on the internet can download an image for their own satisfaction, but cannot attempt to make a profit on it, or re-publish it without your permission.

To initiate support of our Unrequited Art project, either call Don Norris or leave a message with the receptionist at the Milano Senior Center on West Foster Street. Please don't drop off artwork without instructions and permission.  If the project goes according to plans, your artwork will never be out of your possession.

And finally, the Silverstringers will take care not to damage your work, but we can't assume financial responsibility for it should it suffer hurt or loss during this process.

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