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September 11, 2001

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Is there more beauty in aging ...?
from Don Norris
... a $$$ award from the Melrose Arts Council -- pays off

22 Years ago - 119th Run for the Roses
by Kay McCarte
... from Memphis, Tennessee, a cruise on the Delta Queen and the Kentucky Derby

Vacation in the "Land of Fire and Ice"
... and only about a four-hour flight from Logan

While motoring through Switzerland one day ...
from Don Norris
... in the merry, merry month of May ...

Haiti, the Pearl of the Antilles
from Rebecca Noelle Zama
... A Melrose family, with the help of the Melrose Community, brings love and aid to L'Asile, Haiti

Motoring the back country ... strange pix
from Don Norris
... a monument to crashing motorcycles???

Re-visiting the White Mountains
from Don Norris
... no traffic, no snow, no crowds -- just sunshine and cookies

The dunes of Plum Island
from Don Norris
... a quiet place to go

Travelogue: Pensacola and the family reunion
from Don Norris
... local family flies south to little-known gem

A trip to Hilton Head, South Carolina
by Jim Tierney
... the fabulous Christmas present.

Anatomy of road trip South
by Don Norris
... playing dodge-ems at 70mph is no fun, no mo ...

In color: A two-week winter vacation
by Don Norris
... The Norrises spend 14 days driving, four days resting

A Visit to the Franklin Park Zoo
by Elizabeth Samit
... transported to exotic lands in Boston

It was a wonderful trip
by Casa
... I knew it would be

Vacation study: Colorado's Anasazi ruins
photos and text by Don and Lorry Norris
... Local couple takes on the Rockies -- at 80

Even in fog and rain, Ireland sparkles
from Don and Lorry Norris
... a Stringer recalls visits to the Emerald Isle

Backroading: Babydoll rattles traveler
from Don's camera
... to shoot or not to shoot (a photo)

My European river cruise experience
by Jim Tierney
... a lesson in history, culture and language

Travel on a Budget
by Elizabeth Samit
... a recent trip to San Diego

Melrose retiree takes a flyer to Japan
Letter from Carl Mockler
... Coast Guard captain Rick Mockler writes on visiting island nation

Short take on Savannah
by Barbara Leedham
... Melrosian goes training to Georgia

Trains — got to lov'em
by Kay McCarte
... a part of my life always

Traveling like Harry Potter
by Elizabeth Samit
... by train from St. Pancras Station

Välkommen to the land of lakes and forests in Sweden
by Judith Palm
... 80th birthday draws us back to home of ancestors

Taking a small ship cruise
by Kay McCarte
... seeing the Maine Coast from the ocean side

Re-visiting Fort Barrancas in Florida
by Don Norris
... Indians, Spanish, French, the Brits, Confederates all "owned" this site

Boston Greenway provides new look to old neighborhood
by Bob Dunn, photos by Lisa Dunn and Bob Dunn
... A mile of gardens, walkways from North End Park to Chinatown

Our Elderhostel in Poland, Prague, and Budapest
by Dr. Donald Morrison, MHS '49
... good times abound -- except at Heathrow

Thoughts on visiting Romania
from Lillian Martin
... about children, rules and religion

Discovery: Scrap iron source of pricey sculpture
from Don Norris
... another three-day mini-vacation

Good night Mrs. Calabash wherever you are
from Jim Tierney
... at Myrtle Beach, that's where

Catherine and Ed Boyd's journey to California
by Ed Boyd
... not a bad word between us.

Stringers 'take' on winter in Bermuda
by Don and Lorry Norris
... the people and the scenery are just fine

Have you been to a wine tasting lately?
from JimTierney
... cork or screw top?

On the road
by Shirley Rabb
... from Melrose to Montana and back to Melrose

From Lord Baltimore to Camden Yards
by Jim Tierney
... from royal stuffed shirts to working blue collars

From the Mystic River to the Mystic River
from Jim Tierney
... an easy ride into history

On the road
by Shirley Rabb
... from Melrose to Montana and back

Cruise to Bermuda
by Ann Robbins Talbot
... best behavior all the time -- you never know who will see you ...

Traveling America from Boston to San Antonio
by Jim Tierney
... maybe we'll go to China next time

The pluses and minuses of the Auto Train
by Dorothy O'Connor
... forget traffic jams -- except at either end

Touring Ireland, part two
by Jim Tierney
... a close-up look at Dublin, Kilkenny and Cork

Did you ever go across the sea to Ireland?
by Jim Tierney
... "What took ye so long, Seamus?"

New York, New York ...
by Jim Tierney
... start spreading the news

Cruisin' the Mediterranean
by Jim Tierney
... see the Pyramids along the Nile

New Zealand and Australia by Elderhostel
by Donald F. Morrison
... former Melrose couple on seventh in adventure series

Washington D. C. 2nd time around
by Jim Tierney
... "Freedom is not free"

"Philly Stringer" and daughter do Virginia
from Eleanor Jenkins
... "Foreign correspondent" discovers new territory

Not exactly personal mail ...
by Don Norris
... excerpts from 40 days on the road

Down Mexico Way
by Marie Salamanca
... if one must be sick, it might as well be in Mexico

The best kept secret on the North Shore
by Jim Tierney
... Salem, we hardly knew ye

Lost and Found
by Natalie Thomson
... Cape Cod caper

Between the Rockies and the Purcells -- Part 3
by Don Norris
... The beautiful, rich Columbia Valley

From Glacier, into Canada, on to Canmore and Banff
by Don Norris
... the joys of being a tourist: shopping, eating, up at dawn ...

Off to the Canadian Rockies -- for our 50th
by Don Norris
... What costs so much? Where did we go? Are we having fun yet?

Bermuda is another world
by James Tierney
... tired of snow and cold?

Macy's Thanksgiving Parade -- we had to see it
by Don Norris
... New York, New York, it's a wonderful town ...

Vacationing in the Hudson River Valley--Where?
by James Tierney
... we found it

Two's company. Three's a crowd
by James Tierney
 ... how about 21?

Local travelers spot
 infernal machine

by Don Norris
 ... Poof, ca-chug, pop, clang, bang, putt putt putt, zzzzztttt, humma humma

Dogs for the deaf
by Natalie Thomson - Photos by Louise Fennell
 ... a mystery trip

Three days in Canada
by Natalie Thomson
 ... two days on the bus

Washington, D. C.
by James Tierney
 ... it ain't what it used to be

Trucks everywhere
by Shirley Rabb
 ... on our trip

Berlin --  vibrant, amazing, hard to believe ...
by Carl "Rick" Mockler
 ... Melrosian discovers the joys of a united city

Branson? what, where and why is it.
by James Tierney
 ... not only Harry Truman came from Missouri

 " ... been on the road again"
by Rick Mockler
 ... a musical, historical, leisurely trip thru northeastern USA

New Hampshire:  odds and ends
by Stringer Don Norris
 ... Melrose couple do a 5-day photo tour of God's country

Costa Rica, conclusion
by Russ Priestley
 ... heading back, with stops

Costa Rica, Part 3
by Russ Priestley
 ... we experience culture

Trip to the Grand Canyon
by James Tierney
 ... or is it?

Costa Rica, San Jose area
by Russ Priestley
 ... a preserved heritage

We drive to Blanchisseuse
by Len Dalton
 ... it was an eye-opening trip for all

Travelog at 80 miles per hour
by Don Norris
 ... timing is the essence of a smooth trip  

Paris and the French Riviera
by James Tierney
 ... magnifique!

A Melrosian picks an odd road to travel
by Don Norris
 ... the Frau slammed the door open, and there I was, on the throne 

Taking the "Downeaster" to Portland
by Don Norris
 ... Yet another successful shoestring mini vacation

Niagara Falls, Toronto and Ottawa
by James Tierney
 ... Another visit with our friends to the North

A Penn Dutch

by James Tierney

Homestay, Japanese style, part 2
Bernadette Mahoney
 ... a two-person effort at cementing friendships

Homestay, Japanese style
by Bernadette Mahoney
 ... a once in a lifetime experience

Atlantic to Pacific -- spectacular Washington
by Don Norris
 ... the motorhome wandering continues through Seattle and the Olympic Peninsula

A Rhine River Cruise
Kay McCarte
 ... and the price was right

Atlantic to Pacific -- time out for Yellowstone
by Don Norris
 ... once in a lifetime, a year-long journey

Atlantic to Pacific -- two weeks to cross Wyoming
by Don Norris
 ... Chapter 4: Devils Tower to Yellowstone -- a fascinating journey

A Trip To Hawaii
by Len Dalton
 ... excellent month of travel

They Come in Three's,  Part 2
by James & Barbara Tierney
 ... Melrose couple does Maui, Kauai and Oahu

They Come in Threes
by  James & Barbara Tierney
 ... a treatise on vacationing via cruise ships

Atlantic to Pacific, a 10-month sojourn, part 3
by Don Norris
 ... the Badlands, Black Hills, and Rapid City, where the West begins

An embarrassing moment in church
by Bernadette Mahoney
 ... Only cardinals wear red

Atlantic to Pacific, the miles roll away: Part Two.
by Don Norris
 ... 10 a.m. at the wine-tasting, and we start giggling ...

Atlantic to Pacific and back -- a great year-long trip
by Don Norris
 ... We bought a rig, planned a perimeter route, and hit the road. Part One ...

Bright Nights at Forest Park
Kay McCarte
...a dazzling display of Holiday Lights.

The unforgettable canoe trip
by Jeanne Maure
 ... marriages are tested in many ways

A day on the Lewis & Clark caravan
by Russell Berg
 ... continuing the saga, the Bergs encounter buffaloes

Travelogue: Northwest corner, 3491 feet high ...
by Don Norris
 ... anchoring the not-flat Commonwealth of Massachusetts

The Canadian Rockies -- an awesome experience!
by James Tierney
 ... Melrose couple put this trip at top of the list

Whiz-bang overniter -- Impressionists at Hartford
by Don Norris
 ... an inexpensive getaway to Argenteuil on the Connecticut

Free associations about travel and books
by Russell Berg
 ... Great Books and Following the trace of Lewis and Clark

Ireland's visual feast and its taste of humor
by Jack Driscoll
 ... and a little toe-tapping music thrown in (Part Two)

Will the real Cork City please stand up
by Jack Driscoll
... Trip to Ireland creates a variety of new images

At the Gates of the Mountains
Dorothy O'Connor Berg and Russ Berg

The Outhouse Was Far Out--And So Were the Bugs
Catherine Carney-Feldman
Mandio is the food of choice for breakfast, lunch and supper in Paraguay

Parental Peace Corps Experience
David Feldman
A trip to Paraguay is full of the unexpected

An Antidote to the Winter Blues
by Dorothy O'Connor
... favorite day is planning the next trip.

Antarctica - Part 4
Kay McCarte
... all good times must come to an end.

Antarctica - Part 3
Kay McCarte
...Landings and More Lectures

Cruise across the Mediterranean Sea
Ella Letterie
... A trip that I will never forget!

Antarctica - Part 2
by Kay McCarte
...More about the Marco Polo and all you never wanted to know about Penguins

Surprise, Surprise! Your vacation cost you Four Grand!
by Don and Lorry Norris
... we never found Uncle Charlie, but we did go to Mardi Gras. 

The Boston to Pensacola Fender-bender
by Don Norris
... we become witness to a hundred crashed cars

Six Days in London
Don and Lorry Norris
... Chapter 1 of a Melrose Couple Seeking a Break

Antarctica -- Why?
Kay McCarte
... Maybe because the timing was right.

My trip to Peru 
Ella Letterie
... travel in Peru

Trip to Denmark
Ella Letterie
... 1st trip to Europe

The 27-hour Vacation, Maine and Back 
by D. R. Norris
... The good times just kept coming, and soon we were home. 

Jaunt to D.C. was a  (bargain) Blast!
by Don Norris
... flew down, great hotel, succulent food, all for $600 ...

Russell Berg

On finding room in the state of Florida
Isaac Strickland
... Occasional ice and snow make southern vacations that much sweeter.

A Favorite Day
Dorothy O'Connor
... is planning for a trip!

Northwest Adventures
Dorothy O'Connor
... Steaks on pitchforks, bison, prairie dogs....

On Comparing Yachts and RVs ...
Russell Berg
... Some practical thoughts on the joys of traveling.

Token Travelogue
Natalie Thomson
...from Sullivan Square to Winchester -- by MBTA

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