Random Thoughts

The Insect

... Influenced by the reading of Virginia Woolf's essay, The Death of a Moth

by Marjorie Burgess

While debating whether to close the window or not, I saw a tiny worm-like insect.  I  tried to decide what type of insect it might be.  It had no interesting features that I could discern, an absence of color, transparent, except for its brown head that moved with such vigor.  It was alive, searching, struggling to go on.  What was its life span?  Would it grow into an insect?  What did it eat?   My knowledge of insects was almost non-existent. Why was he here on earth?  I felt sorry for the tiny creature.  I decided to place it outside the window.   But the window was stuck fast.  So I left him to his fate on the window sill.  Later when I returned this tiny bit of active life had disappeared.

Apologies to Virginia Woolf.

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