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September 11, 2001

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Swains Pond
from Edward Andrews

Kappa Thanks
by Debbi Collar
... In response to an article by Debbi Collar in our August issue

More about Hinchey's News
from Steve Johnson

More on Ell Pond
from Lester Burnham

The terror of Interstate 40
from Diane Neal

Ah ha!!! Where are we?
from Steve Johnson and Don Norris
... based on a reply to an article in the January issue

East Boston Ferry
by Jim Ross Jr.
... Ella's piece on East Boston brings back memories

My old XO-1 OLPC laptop is updated
by John Averell
... report from an old member on an old laptop

Hinchey's News and times past
by Ann Marie Marnon Scheele
... my brothers were paper boys

Snow Birds
from Maxine DelPrete
... letter from a reader ...

Washington Street construction
by Doug MacDonald

Inquiry about Milton's Drugstore
by Marjorie Wardlow
... a reader provides a little more history

Captain Christopher Adelbert Adams
by John Averell
... papers found, family contacted

Professor praises Melrose Mirror
by Debbi Collar
… reader enjoys the Melrose Mirror

More on Hinchey's News
by Steve Johnson

Milton's drug store
from Doug MacDonald
... the case of the missing pharmacy

Thanks for the story
by Irving Smolens
... Hey, you forgot ...

from Gareth Bradnam
... Writer needs help on WWII matters ...

Milton's Drug Store
from our readers
... What ever happened to ....

Arizona Stringer introduces
Steve Johnson, The Arizona Stringer
... Dave Powers and his article about the Korean War

Summer reading
... a note from Steve Johnson
... Recommendations for baseball fans

History lesson: Football teams, 1949 and 1950
from James Brophy
... Boston Herald artwork from six decades ago

Lawrence Tower
from Steve Johnson
... correspondence between Ted Barrett and Steve Johnson

Malden reader remembers Lennie's on the Pike
from Jim Flynn
... It was a fantastic place to hear music.

Former Melrosian gloats from sunny Williamsburg
from Bob Campbell
... he got tired of shoveling snow, so they settled in Virginia

Does anyone remember

... the Ford Motor Company and Bernadette Mahoney?

The lost was found
by Jerry Norton
... When Jerry's article got lost ...

Fond memories
by Marion Stevenson Baker
... one-time Malden resident recalls Fells pix ...

Digging up the dirt on Ell Pond
from Len Dalton
... army engineers make an offer ...

Wow! What a send-off!
by Betty Rossi
... Wow! What a retirement party...

The latest on Lennie
from Russ Priestley

Plaudits for the Melrose Mirror
from Jack Beckley
... about Ed Boyd's upbringing

Kudos from Diane and Bill Rafferty
Bill and Diane Rafferty

Does anyone remember Captain MacWilliams???
from Kathy M. in California

The latest on "Lennie's on the Turnpike"
from SilverStringer Steve Johnson

Five days on Maine's Windjammer "Nathaniel Bowditch"
from Priscilla Simm

A positive word on the Stringers' work
from Jack Beckley, retired head of the Council on Aging
... highlights from the July issue

Remembering Eleanor ...
from Gail, who reads the Mirror

Letter from Sally Ryan's daughter

... from the daughter of Sally Ryan, (Melrose High 1948) about her passing.

Re: the risk for mental health care workers
by Scott M. Bock, President and CEO, Riverside Community Care and Somerville Mental Health Association
... Reflections on the recent tragedies in mental health care facilities

Letters for January 2011
from our readers
... we hear from you

Letters, letters, letters
from our readers

Letters for September 2010
from our readers
... Memories of Lennie's-on-the-Turnpike live on

Letters for July 2010
from our readers

Letters for June 2010
... from our readers

Readers respond to April Melrose Mirror
from our readers
Polymnia and High School Chorus; health care issues; Boston Globe; Lennie's-on-the-Turnpike

Letters for March 2010
from our readers
... we hear from you

More about a sailor's signals
from Ed Boyd
... a signalman's experiences

What in the world was Oak Manor?
from our readers
... if you know, please write us with the information

Letters for September 2009
from our readers
... We're known from Arkansas to Pennsylvania

Letters for August 2009
from our readers

The 2nd Auxiliary "Mash" Team
by Jim Driscoll
... 1944: paths may have crossed under Nazi bombardment

Letters for July 2009
from our readers

Letters for June 2009
from our readers
... interesting responses

Letters for May 2009
from readers
... here's what our readers have to say ...

Letters for April 2009
from our readers
... remembrances from World War II

Search for a grandfather's World War II history
SilverStringer team
... Some answers and helpful advice for his grandson.

Letters for March 2009
from our readers
... comments on Sweden, sliderules, music, and genealogies

More on an English teacher
from a classmate
... an article reaches many admirers from almost 60 years ago

Letters for January 2009
from our readers
... responses to our stories

Letters to the Editors - December issue
... from our readers

Melrose Mirror in Everett, Washington
from Debra Law
... on intellectual and cognitive functioning ...

Our Guest Writer in Australia
Lynne McPherson

Recent "Letters" send praise -- mostly
from our readers
... reaction, good or no, to previous Mirror articles -- October 2008

More on Lennie's on the Pike
Mirror reader Paul Clay in Tennessee
... five year old article still being read

Letters for August 2008
to SilverStringers
... letters from our readers

Letter on the Eugenics movement
from Donald Morrison
... the positive aspects of the eugenics laboratory

Letter to the Editor
from Laurie Elinoff

Suddenly I was aware of Lennie's ....
from Peter Roberts

Search for a Sister
from Kristy Miller
... a great-aunt found

We get letters ... honestly
from Russ Priestley
... we have a reader in Australia

Hello, Melrose Mirror
from Lynne in Australia
... Stringers pop up on Google

Letter: The lady from Aztec, NM
from Delores Wernet
... exciting news, devastating news

Response to Main St. 100 years ago
by John Murphy & Paul Hupper

Letter to Editor
by Russ Priestley
... received late December

Backtalk from our readers ...
from Mirror fans
... About cats, dogs, passing, wreaths and ...

"Clovis, anyone?" draws grad student's ire
from Len, Jill, John and several others
... First-comers to America: from east or west?

Usufruct? Sewer lines? The readers speak
from Mirror readers
... "Good issue" one says -- but another disagrees

More echoes from World War II
from Wally Burr in Los Angeles
... without incident, thanks to your ...

More insight on the sinking of the Indianapolis
from Dave Ramsey

Stringer mentors applaud first ten years
letters from Marko and Ingeborg
... "still inspired," Mirror is constant example in Europe

Our readers keep writing ...
from the SilverStringers
... perhaps we should put THEM on the payroll ...

Letters, letters, letters ...
from the SilverStringers
... our readers get involved

MHS class of 1956 reunion?
from Robert Hatfield, MHS '56
... is there really a golden anniversary?

Mirror admirer from Medway
from Nancy Doherty

Wandering toolbar, Word not-so-perfect
from the Stringer mailbox

Letters, letters, and more letters
from our Mirror readers
... our readers want to share ...

Stumbling on happiness in The Mirror
from Bill Girolamo of Melrose
... and a lovely poem to one's father

Diamond in the gruff
from Eleanor Jenkins
... sizing up the SilverStringers ...

The word is getting around
Dollie Gull-Goldman and Jack Driscoll
... on setting up a yet another SilverStringers

War on Christmas
by Anne MacGillivray
... partaking in this ridiculous, stupid war

Letters, letters, letters ... the Mirror reflects
from the SilverStringers
... Whimsy, wonderment, and a few pats on the back

Readers give Mirror thumbs up
from our precious readers
... New record -- 16 letters, and all positive

Reader reply to St. Tropez story (Remembering WWII)
from the SilverStringers

The Ring saga
Letter from Kathryn Bushey
... from Montpelier, via Melrose, to Darien in Connecticut

Sax player, at 80, wants to join the band
Letters from Mirror fans
... commentary on and about the Stringers and their stories

My husband Philip was on LST 218
by Nancy Doherty
... Not exactly shipmates, but same war ...

...felt like I was
there with him,
reader comments

Email from Toni Des Roches

Help for Firewall and Thumb Drive
by Bob Ross
... turn off Windows Firewall use Zonealarm - Thumb drive folders

More email: 'Do you do a Computer 101?'
from the Stringer mailbag
... computer garden nears fruition

Ah, memories -- The Blizzard of '78
By Joyce Bottenberg, once of Melrose
... thoughts from Joyce Bottenberg and Bob Harvey

Symphony's fun, Hupper's great, Blizzards are running
from readers of the Melrose Mirror
... Readers reflect on Mirror, want to know the score ...

Letters, letters, letters ....
Some Mirror reflections
... keeping in touch with our readers

Small world, but it
all looks the same

from Eleanor Jenkins
... but my daughter lives in Melrose ...

Mirror readers speak to us
Letters from a dozen places
... "Sunset" is out, Nostalgia is in ...

The latest news on the Kiley farm
mail from Tom Kiley
 ... 110 cattle and 20 horses, now the Incarnation Parish

A Mirror reader  
starts writing ....

Mail from Michael DeSandis

Email from viewer with printing problem
Bob Ross
 ... not a printer problem

Let's have the WHOLE story
by Len Dalton
 ... A Stringer takes issue with "Another war -- anyone?"

Unable to
  contact member

Lorna Hupper Faircloth

Hey! We've got mail ...
from readers of the Melrose Mirror
 ... Thank goodness for the mailman. 

A dead grasshopper- Pond Three - Beer Wagon
from Leone Fagan
 ... regarding "Doodle-without-thought by Shirley"

Gram was right on
from Louise Bouchard
 ... another great issue

Good tips
from Priscilla Porter
 ... saved me time

"Oracle" Editor touches base with "Mirror"
from Priscilla Porter
 ... appreciates essay on Cape Ann

Snow plows
Jerry Norton
 ... "equal opportunity" plow

Readers tell Stringers what's on their minds
from the Melrose SilverStringers
 ... how can one be modest with suppport like this ...

About coverage
  of recent
  Victorian Fair

from Matt Tomkewicz

"I don't look
 like that,"
 Jerry says

Mail from the Nortons

Melrose couple 
  in Pennsylvania

from Don Morrison

Mirror reader
  enjoys photos

from Gail on the net

Russell Estate - Part 2
Russ Priestley
 ... SilverStringer Russ Priestley replies regarding the Russell Estate

Russell Estate
from Joseph DiOrio
 ... Does anyone remember the Russell Estate?

Running Naked - Part II
from L. Louise Haynes
 ... Response to Steve Johnson's "Running Naked on Pleasant Street"

"Flying is fun"
by Jerry Norton

The mail bag -- the readers speak!
from Mirror readers
... Stringers welcome feedback, comments

Former resident 
   enjoys Mirror

Ann Liston Smith '42

Mirror readers backtalk SilverStringers
Mail, and the people speak!
 ...Praise, chagrin, social commentary, it's all here ...

Response to
  articles on
  Hurricane of '38

by reader Sandy Weiss

We read you ...
  commentary on 
  the October issue

By four interested readers

Chess and cards
   on the menu ...

Mary de LaValette
  and Jack Beckley


Reflecting on
  "Small creatures... "

Sal T

Ennis, Ireland, group
 wishes us well

from the Sunset Group

English lady
  needs some help

from Angie Johnson

Bretton Woods
  remembered ...

by Bob Campbell

Who knows about
  old beer wagons?

from Ann Trostle

Open letter:
  A reader comments,
  an editor responds

from Diane Neal, outwest.

Connections to
 the French family

from Donald Morrison

Who knows of 
  Charles Camerlin???

from John Porter

Ah, there is still
 life in Old Ireland

by Philomena Stapleton

 for Christmas

by Sister Evelyn McCarte

Lauds Canadian

by Elie  Bourque

New Mexico
Lady flips over
Bernie's paintings

from Delores Wernet

Suggestion  from Foreign Correspondent
Jack Stouffs
 ... Follow up

Nice job,

by Lara Skinner

Nostalgic stories
  of yesteryears

Jerry Norton, MHS '42

City of Homes Tour
Elaine Tirrell Macdonald

St. Mary's Class of '38
Joe Murphy

A Scribal Compliment
Delores from New Mexico
...from New Mexico

Responses To "A Tribute..."
Russ Priestley
...others remember Charlie. 

A Reply On Spoonerisms

Russ Priestley Family
By Dottie
...our fame is spreading

Beautiful Couple
Michael Priestley
... Michael is the son 

I'm a senior from Norwood,Ma
Helena Sullivan

Stella Alfonso

I am a 9th grader
Rachel DelaCruz

Mary Driscoll Story Comments
John Murphy (former Melrose resident)

Past Puberty
Jack Driscoll
... Media Lab editor applauds SilverStringer efforts

W O W !
Dr. Charles Northrup

Francis Doucette
... sounds like a fun group

Mayor Guerriero
... You make our great city very proud.

J.B. Shelton
... I'll keep your site on my list of favorites

Extraordinary Site
Lisda Carlson
... informative and well written

Great Job
Sue McIntyre
... I found your site

Letter to Ella from Cardinal Luis
... Luis Cardinal Aponte letter about Ella's articles

Red Sox article
Natalie Thomson
... Great article

Walter Bender
... share her eggplant recipe

Latest Melrose Mirror
Natalie H. Thomson
... Read Nana -- I wished it had been longer

Hello, again
Spiros Tzelepis
... Hello to all of you

Mirror Images
John S. (Jack) Driscoll
... I'm a word man by trade, but...

The Village
Don Norris
... My heartiest congratulations to Bernadette Mahoney

Keep up the good work
Victor Lee
... We live in mountains of Western NCAR

"Ol Rebel" enjoys reading your paper
Bill Langford
... Keep up the good work

My Sisters Article on Cardinal Aponte
Anthony Laurano
... I read it at my sisters funeral

Thank you
Mary Samson
... we salute you

Spiros Email, JrJournal Member Athens, Greece
Spiros Tzelepis
... hope we can be as good

Melrose Library Picture was nice
Elizabeth (Johnston) Holt
... Gosh, it looked Wonderful!

Greetings from Santa Cruz, CA
Patricia Dunn
... What a surprise to see my mother's picture

Wants Info on The Tower Mt Hood 
... Thanking you in advance

Praise for WWII article
Arnold Koch
... I just loved your article

John Murphy remembers Melrose
John E, Murphy
... Melrose Mirror brings back fond memories 

Melrose Library Web Site Link
Dennis J. Kelley
... your site is terrific!

Thanks for Essay help
Mary Beth Margolis
... with appreciation

Arts & Craft Society thank you

... Thanks for the excellent article about our organization

What a Beautiful paper

... a beautiful site

Marjorie put LINK in PLAY THEM RAG article

... Excellent RAG article, An enjoyable site - *Added his URL to my article*

LeslieMRag EMail 

..Congrat on first-class site..Leslie Johnson

George Bobryshev-Email 

A Russian student at Moscow University who is a regular visitor to our site.


Also writing story of being at Pearl Harbor during Jap attack Dec 7, 1941. Interesting, visit the sites...


Enjoys our site, stories. Brings back memories...

Kudos for O'Connor
from Beverly Clayton
...Those were NOT the days. THESE are the days.

Desirable community ...
from Winslow S. Hill

Good work!
Charles Bucknam

To my Great(est) Aunt Natalie ...
from Linda Hall
... on sisters taking bus rides ...

Wanted: Leisure Hour Puzzle Company
E-mail from Ron Gumm
... Texas fellow wants the scoop on a one-time Melrose concern.

Unfair! Unfair! 
Len Dalton
..."Where are We" should be named "Get Lost".

Your interview with Mr. Poole was great.
From Stephen W. Johnson
... very interesting web site ...

Word from Mid-Florida
To the Editors
... MHS '37 grad finds his home town in the Mirror.

Looking for Old friends ...
Letter to the Editors ...
... a Georgia lady, born in England, raised in Melrose.

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