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Editor's note: As of June, Elizabeth Johnston Holt can be reached at her new address: eholt@computer1.net

Subject:    Web page
Date:        Wed, 29 Apr 1998 17:27:00 -0400
From:        Ladyej "Ladyej@southconn.com"
To:        melrose@media.mit.edu


I enjoyed this page very much and read EVERY word of it. I grew up in Melrose Highlands and attended Warren and Roosevelt Schools and graduated from MHS in 1962. My Aunt was librarian at MPL for many many years, some of you may remember her (Rhoda Parmenter). We attended Trinity Episcopal Church, and  I well remember Arnold Williams and his family. I married and moved to Augusta, Georgia in 1969. My family has all since died, and I sold our lovely family home on West Hill Terrace a couple of years ago. Although I like it here in Augusta, I've never considered it "home".....I am sooooooo homesick for Melrose. There is little reason for me to ever go back there now and it breaks my heart.

Would LOVE to hear from any Melrosians and any news from there. I will visit your page often...thanks for the opportunity to "visit" home.  :))

Elizabeth (Johnston) Holt

Part Two ...
From:        Ladyej
To:        dnorris@toy-story.media.mit.edu
Subject     Melrose Mirror
Date:        Thu, 30 Apr 1998 19:45:41 -0400


I'm sending this because I'm reading all the stories in the Mirror! Just finished reading your interview with Harold Poole. That was great!! Didn't realize Mrs Poole was from my neck of the woods! In that interview he mentioned Gil Priestley. I went to school with a Gil Priestley, I'm assuming that must be father and son?

Well, I'm off to do some more reading......y'all keep up the good work,
this is a great site! :)

                             Beth  (Elizabeth Johnston Holt, Augusta, GA).

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