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September 11, 2001

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Don's art -- a Seattle seaside
from Don Norris
.. another sketch and watercolor ...

Books and Baking
by Debbi Collar
... a sampler for the literary appetite!

A Christmas gift from Polymnia
by Jackie Wattenberg
... Christmas songs old and new

Energy, talent and fun
by Jackie Wattenberg
... another Polymnia season ends

by Debbi Collar
... a resource for seniors and caregivers

Passion, humor and hometown success
by Jackie Wattenberg
... a cello concerto

A new, beautiful sound to the National Anthem
from the SilverStringers
... a highlight of Seniors Night.

Silver Stringer Ed Boyd's new book
by Joe Sullivan
... "Stories that keep popping up into my head." is the title of this collection of delightful, nostalgia-provoking short stories.

Symphony ends season with a flourish
by Jackie Wattenberg
... a night of color, variety and drama

Violinist enraptured MSO audience
by Jackie Wattenberg
... audience brought to their feet and cheers of delight

Christmas Pops - a happy time
by Jackie Wattenberg
... Symphony concert sells-out

Polymnia serves up holiday delights
by Jackie Wattenberg
... grouping old and new popular songs

Music to your ears
by Jackie Wattenberg
... Fine cellist opened Beethoven Society's season

Polymnia Pops concert
by Jackie Wattenberg
... variety, color, fun

Symphony finale charms, entertains
by Jackie Wattenberg
... Yoichi Udagawa is indeed "A Man for All Seasons!"

Dazzling pianist in Milano concert
... to honor the memory of long-time Melrose Mayor Jim Milano

Polymnia brings Broadway
by Jackie Wattenberg
... to Memorial Hall

Striking guitarist
by Jackie Wattenberg
... shines in MSO's Pops concert

Murray Kidd, Polymnia
by Jackie Wattenberg
... and guest artists triumph

Stunning cellist fills Memorial Hall
by Jackie Wattenberg
... outstanding new concerto in MSO concert

Fine soprano charms
by Jackie Wattenberg
... at Holiday Pops show

Polymnia draws standing room only
by Jackie Wattenberg
... starting off the Christmas season

Stringer reviews "itsy-bitsy" Nikon digital
by Don Norris
... sometimes you can't see who or what you're shooting

Polymnia's Pops
by Jackie Wattenberg
... varied, colorful, stunning!

Marvelous marimba
by Jackie Wattenberg
... highlights symphony's "Spring Pops" concert

Arts Festival as colorful, exciting as ever
by Jackie Wattenberg
... Something for everyone

Polymnia plus orchestra wins applause
by Jackie Wattenberg
... on a Sunday afternoon

Melrose composer, performers triumph at Melrose Symphony Orchestra
by Jackie Wattenberg
... A night to remember

Gospel singer dominates 'Holiday Pops'
by Jackie Wattenberg
... Bursts of applause for guest soloist Renese King's performance

Polymnia heralds the season
by Jackie Wattenberg
... with beauty and charm

Happy welcome for Yoichi, MSO musicians
Jackie Wattenberg
... with Brahms and incredibly, Stravinsky

Susan Trausch on sudden early retirement
by Jack Driscoll
... former Boston Globe humor columnist hasn't lost her touch

Polymnia puts a Spring in our steps
from Michelle Graveline
... local talent featured at Pops concert

by Elizabeth Samit
... a theater review

Season's final Melrose Symphony concert
by Jackie Wattenberg
... honors Millie Rich, outgoing president of the MSO

Variety galore at Melrose Arts Festival
by Jackie Wattenberg
... Melrose gains on reputation as a significant art center, thanks to Melrose Arts and Cultural Association (MACA)

A bird's eye view
Carol Nelson
... I spy with my little eye

Polymnia Choral Society takes on jazz
by Jackie Wattenberg
... with a jazz band and the Melrose High School chorus

Ham-sah: I am that
by Carol Nelson
... busy, busy

The wisdom of solitude
by Ed Boyd
... the meaning of Zen.

Lorca's "Blood Wedding" performed at Northeastern University
by Elizabeth Samit
... a theatre review

Arthur Miller's 'All My Sons' performed in Boston in January 2010
by Elizabeth Samit
... a theater review

Gospel singer captivates Melrose Symphony's 'Pops' audience
by Jackie Wattenberg
...the most joyful gala of the year!

As good as it gets
from Ed Boyd
... sentiment or sentimentality

Melrose's Polymnia revives yesterday’s great popular songs
by Jackie Wattenberg
... a smash production at Memorial Hall

Stunning soloists shine in Melrose Symphony's ‘May Pops’ concert
by Jackie Wattenberg
... Yoichi does it again!

Arts Festival delights just like spring
by Jackie Wattenberg
... variety of style and media lend magic to this show

Polymnia brings many Ave Marias to St. Mary's Church
by Jackie Wattenberg
... a thoughtful choice

The impending Ring of spring
by Russ Priestley
... it ain't the boids you hear

Polymnia Christmas program draws record crowd
by Jackie Wattenberg
... another stirring presentation for the season

Polymnia joins Broadway with baseball
by Jackie Wattenberg
... a fine ending to a first season

'The Coldest Winter'.. David Halberstam's last book
by Joe Sullivan
... the late David Halberstam's book about the war in Korea provides some political page-turning history

The best Arts Festival yet
by Jackie Wattenberg
... a glorious collection at Memorial Hall

Polymnia brings beauty of music and setting to Melrose
by Jackie Wattenberg
... performance of Cherubini Requiem

New Polymnia director shines in first concert
by Jackie Wattenberg
... performance projected many solo voices ...

Revisiting the "Catcher in the Rye"
by Ed Boyd
... the dead Allie

The rediscovery of Truman Capote's lost novel
by Ed Boyd
... from trash to publication.

Better and better
by Jackie Wattenberg
... a great MSO Pops

A joyful Celtic celebration
by Jackie Wattenberg
... Polymnia at its best

Notes on "East of Eden"
by Ed Boyd
... a psychological monster

Joyful holiday gift
by Jackie Wattenberg
... the crowds come out for Yoichi's holiday fun

Polymnia previews Christmas
by Jackie Wattenberg
... handsomely

Beethoven Singers delight audience
by Jackie Wattenberg
... gripping, colorful and moving moments

Melrose Symphony is back
by Jackie Wattenberg
... and better than ever

"Epic Cures"
Review by Freeman Frank
... local writer has something to say

Eighteenth century soul singers rock GAR Hall
By Dorothy O'Connor
... A joyous evening full of wonderful harmonies

MSO and soprano soloist charm Pops audience
by Jackie Wattenberg
... another full house, of course

Montanus honors Mozart in Melrose
by Jackie Wattenberg
... musically speaking, Melrose is in fine fettle.

Many true talents at Melrose Arts Festival
by Jackie Wattenberg
... crowds, music and an endless display of fine art

Polymnia's stirring Mozart concert
by Jackie Wattenberg
... celebrating the 250th anniversary of Mozart's birth

The true life story of Waite - Part 2
by Russ Priestley
... it's all over Waite

Schuller enthralls MSO audience
by Jackie Wattenberg
... another exiting cultural event for Melrose

Revere Beach revisited
by Jerry Norton
... another story

The true life story of Waite
by Russ Priestley
... a daughter's labor of love

MSO opens season
by Jackie Wattenberg
... with stunning concert

Big Russ & Me
by Kay McCarte
... "Lessons of Life"

On Authors: Michael Connelly, out of order
by Don Norris
... Hieronymus Bosch -- best to keep them in sequence

Patriot or traitor?
by Ella Letterie
... a facinating man

A book report
by Carol Nelson
... what I read on my summer vacation

Book report: "Godforsaken Sea" by Derek Lundy
by Len Dalton
... Unimaginable terror in 'round the world' sailboat racing.

Beethoven Society honors long-term members
by Jackie Wattenberg
... program provides an afternoon of music and friendship

Polymnia singers brighten the season
by Jackie Wattenberg
... with the solace of great music

Good cheer, good music in Polymnia's holiday concert
by Jackie Wattenberg/ About The Arts
... the entrancing beauty of voices raised in song ...

"Farenheit 9/11" is a mind-gripper
by Jackie Wattenberg
 ... a lesson is modern American history

Happy big Five-Oh, Polymnia 
by Jackie Wattenberg
 ... a fitting end to the first half century

"A new war, anyone?" jars Melrose audience
by SilverStringer Don Norris
 ... Stringer Jackie Wattenburg turns Whitehouse inside out

Beethoven Society recital brings joy to a Sunday outing
by Jackie Wattenberg, notes and photos by Don Norris
 ... Stringers discover great secret here in our town

Cultural treasures give Melrose the gift of music.
Jackie Wattenberg
...Polymnia Christmas Concert and Melrose Symphony Orchestra Holiday Pops 

"Pathway  Between The Seas"
Review by Jim Driscoll
 ... Review of book by David McCullough on creation of the Panama Canal

Polymnia exalts Bach and Mozart
by Jackie Wattenberg
 ... A fond farewell to music director

Don Murray strikes a chord with readers
by Jack Driscoll
 ... biased non-review discovers that his story is ours

Udagawa conducts orchestra and audience superbly
by Jackie Wattenberg
... Spring Pops Night has become a tradition in Melrose ...

James Reyes and his Polymnia create a stunning "Creation"
by Jackie Wattenberg
...full house appreciates soloists, organ and chorus

Stunning violinist, triumphant conductor at Melrose Symphony
by Jackie Wattenberg
... today Melrose can take pride in its own orchestra

Melrose students shine in "The Crucible"
by Jackie Wattenberg
... his tears aroused tears in the audience. A moving portrait ...

Polymnia's "Messiah" stirs full house
by Jackie Wattenberg
 ... Life without music would be a mistake ...

Glorious soprano shines with New England String Ensemble
by Jackie Wattenberg
 ... Labelle's voice is like a great shimmering pearl ...

North Shore Wind Quintet proves breezy and bright
by Jackie Wattenberg
 ... a lovely program of fine musicians on a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon

Melrose Symphony Pops Wows Crowd in Memorial Hall
by Jackie Wattenberg
... full house for Pops concert ... 

Polymnia's Conductor Stuns Audience with "Carmina Burina"
by Jackie Wattenberg
... a tough work to tackle holds audience spellbound

Jessica Lynch and Her Cello Triumph
by Jackie Wattenberg

Melrose High School's "Fame" Draws Them In
Jackie Wattenberg
... students produce high quality show ...

Soloists, Chorus Made for Powerful, Pleasing Team
by Jackie Wattenberg
... conductor's impeccable musicianship holds almost the full church still 

New England String Ensemble Chamber Group Triumphs
Jackie Wattenberg

Melrose Symphony Orchestra Plays to Standing "O"
Jackie Wattenberg
... Japanese soprano Takako Mizuno pleases audience in rare performance in Melrose 

NESE Draws Large, Enthusiastic Crowd
by Jackie Wattenberg
... their special sound is catching on

Book Review on "Blind Man's Bluff"
Len Dalton
... Description of espionage conducted by the U.S. Navy submarines in the cold war, written by Sherry Sontag and Christopher Drew

Christmas Gift to Melrose -- MSO Holiday Pops
By Jackie Wattenberg
... the Melrose Symphony can do no wrong ...

Conductor Wyner has Another Triumph with String Ensemble
Jackie Wattenberg
... like opening night of a new play

Unique Holiday Concert Charms Audience
Jackie Wattenberg

Another Triumph for String Ensemble Conductor Wyner
Jackie Wattenberg
... excitement in the air 

Theater II Can't Go Wrong On This Island
Jackie Wattenberg

Marathon more art than New York exhibit
Jackie Wattenberg
... compared to Rodin, "Sensation" is nothing 

Gunther Schuller Conducts Melrose Symphony Orchestra
Jackie Wattenberg
... at 82, the MSO is still the heart of Melrose's cultural life

They Stayed Behind 
by Morris Wattenberg
... A review of "Tea With Mussolini"

A Twist on Orpheus
by Morris Wattenberg
...What Dreams May Come - A Modern Fantasy

Another Teen Romp
morris wattenberg
... horny teens and young adults are interested in ???

In-Your-Face Realism: "Saving Private Ryan"
by Morris Wattenberg
... D-Day, if we remember.

Trouble in Interstellar Space
Movie review by Morris Wattenberg
... "Armageddon" is a run-away asteroid.

Whale of a Dog's Tale
Movie Review by Morris Wattenberg
... In video: Make war, not love ...

Jim Carey is Mr. Nice Guy in "The Truman Show"
Movie Review by Morris Wattenberg
... Fortunately, the adventure comes to an expected end ...

Movie Critic Joins Mirror Staff
By D.R. Norris
... I am NOT retired, Morris says.

The Horse Whisperer - A Redford Triumph
Movie Review by Morris Wattenberg
... still one of Hollywood's most sentient and important figures.

"As Good as it Gets" Is Good Enough
By Morris Wattenberg 
... a pair of Oscars for Hunt and Nicholson.

LA Confidential Charts a Rocky Road
by Morris Wattenberg
... honest cops and whore houses. 

Beatty's "Bulworth" Dares to Tell the Truth
Movie review by Morris Wattenberg
... home of the sham, scam and boodle ...

Primary Colors Get Muddy
By Morris Wattenberg
... anger, profanity, little substance.

"Good Will Hunting" Bags a Winner.
By Morris Wattenberg
... but the intellectual fires really burn up the scene.

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