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Beatty's "Bulworth" Dares to Tell the Truth

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Movie review by Morris Wattenberg

Here's to the good, old USA -- home of sham, scam and boodle, hailed in a new movie starring Warren Beatty, co-written with Jeremy Pikser, that explodes with laughter as Bulworth tries to explain politics as a cagey fraud -- in rap song!

As U.S. Senator Jay Bulworth, he is tweaked by burgeoning frustration with old ways of campaigning, and starts on his new-found, truth-only religion revealed with a bemused amiability. And he's drawn also by the beauty of Halle Berry, for him a sparkling introduction into black folkways.

Because of his extensive, amusing rapping, some blacks may think the humor is directed at them rather than the money-hungry politicos, but his intent is completely ameliorative; and the darts are deftly aimed at the stuffed shirts. Beatty has always been wracked by injustice and the fate of the misbegotten, witness films like Bonnie and Clyde, The Parallax View, Splendor in the Grass, and Reds.

Redistribution of wealth is close to the heart of "Bulworth" a political thrust rarely seen in American films. Done with irreverence and style.


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