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Primary Colors Get Muddy

... anger, profanity, little substance.

By Morris Wattenberg

Don't get trampled in the rush to beat your neighbors to "Primary
Colors." What this film has is marketing know-how and a lot of brass -
which add up to a minus.

There are two basic themes. One is: Can John Travolta really look like
the President? Since we have the original, who cares? The attempt to
mimic other notables is pathetic.

Unfortunately, Emma Thompson appears as the president's wife, flouncing
around in tailored garb, far removed from the soulful lead in "Remains
of the Day". With an American accent peppered with profanity, she adds
surprisingly little to the action.

The second theme is of a kind of black "Candide", an idealistic young
supporter of the president who is the only one not to use the
vernacular, and learns how unwise it is for blacks to venture into white
politics. Adrian Lester in this role learns his lesson reluctantly.

A lot of anger, a lot of profanity, and little substance.


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