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Your interview with Mr. Poole was great.

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From Stephen W. Johnson

Sat, 30 May 1998
From: Stephen W. Johnson
To: Editor

I and my mother's family all grew up in Melrose, my roots are there.  I'm
sure some of you long time Melrose people recognize names such as Beshong,
Knight, Thayer, Loring and Johnson.  When I read about this site in the
AARP magazine, I had to check it out.

Your interview with Mr. Poole was great.  As a member of MHS Class of '55,
I remember him well.  I also remember his son Doug slipping a few pucks by
me in practice sessions as I tried to play goal for the Red Raiders hockey
team.  Bill Tryder stopped more than I did and ended up as the starting
goalie, as I remember it.

Perhaps I will put some stories together about growing up in the Wyoming
area in the 40's.  There were lots of things going on around the Lincoln
School playground, Hinchey's newspaper store and Kelly's Ice Cream Parlor
that only a native son could tell.

My E-Mail address is SWJ@compuserve.com and I currently reside in Glendale,
Arizona.  I've been here so long, my barnacles have dried up and fallen

Keep up the good work, your Web Site is great!

                                                Steve Johnson

Editor's note: At our urging, Steve promised to provide more copy both on his life since MHS, and on his memories of our city in the '40s and '50s.

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