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Unfair! Unfair! 

..."Where are We" should be named "Get Lost".

Len Dalton

From: Leonard Dalton
To: melrose@media.mit.edu
Subject:  Chinese Park
Date: Thu Jun 11 20:07:24 EDT 1998


As the photo scrolled slowly down, I was convinced it was the sign outside a Chinese parkland outside Peking as the symbol for tree was etched on the sign. To my chagrin, it was the Flagg Acres sign under graffiti from our inspired youth. Oh, shucks, I told myself.

The next picture of the side of Swain's Pond is an oldie for me. Fishing over the years, I have seen the "No Swimming" letters for so many years, I often thought the creator of that long lasting paint should use it in advertising!

The sneaky shot of the stonewall is unfair! It could be in any one of thousands of New England locations so, I object! There has to be a unique clue to the locations identity, not a sneaky one. A pox on the photographer!

The Flagg Acres sign with the Chinese symbol is excellent! Keep up the good "work".


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