Random Thoughts

How often have your heard ...

...Words and Phrases whose Sincerity Might be Questioned.

by Jackie Wattenberg

1. Your call is very important to us.

2. Welcome to Bell Atlantic!

3. Have a good day.

4. Thank you for your patience; the next available operator will be with you shortly.

5. Congratulations! You are one of our most valuable card holders so we are offering you the chance to hold a "Platinum card!"

6. Congratulations,  Jackie Wattenberg! You are one of the final winners in our latest Publishers Clearing House contest - and are eligible to receive $250,000! And then be eligible for a drawing on the $3 million top prize award!

6. We are taking this action for "American Interests"...

7. Have a nice day!

8. We are renewing Favored Nation Status for Communist China because it's important for us to have an influence on their democratic development and improved human rights policy. We have sanctions against Cuba because Castro is a Communist and sanctions might bring about democratic development and improved human rights policy.

9. Operation Just Cause (named for our invasion of Panama to bring their president to our country for trial and imprisonment)

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