The Great Depression

Not Everyone Went Hungry

...if I was deprived, I never knew it.

by Kay McCarte

Being born in 1929, I do not remember much about the Depression Era. My father had a steady job at the B&M Railroad and he bought the house in Melrose in 1930. I never remember being hungry and if I was deprived, I never knew it.

In later years I learned that the man who built and lived in our house before us had to sell it. A result of the Depression? I don't know.

When I was 5 or 6, two playmates from different families moved away. To use today's expression, I thought that was really cool. When I asked my mother when we were going to move, I have never forgotten her answer. "Just thank God you don't have to." I guess God heard my "thank you" because to this day my sisters and I are still in the same house.
August 6, 1998

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