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From: Adnil1962
To: melrose@media.mit.edu


I grew up in Malden, moved to Melrose 6 or 7 years ago, until last October
when I relocated to San Fransisco (which is the most beautiful place in the
world - with the exception of Melrose!!!).

I really enjoyed the articles - especially the bus ride story written by my
"great aunt" Natalie (or as she would say my "greatest aunt'). It reminds me
of her sister Edith's bus ride story....At the time she was in her late 80's.
She gets on a bus thinking that she is heading to Melrose-Wakefield Hospital
to visit her son (my dad).  Instead, she finds herself lost for more than two
hours, as the bus cruises through Revere and Winthrop. Instead of panicking
(as was the rest of the family, because we couldn't find her), she says  - "It
was a very beautiful ride, the bus driver was very nice and can you believe it
only cost me 10 cents!!!

Anyway...enough babbling.  San Fran is beautiful and I've met lots of new
friends, but it could never replace home. Your page brought me back home for
a little while (for free!!!).  I've added it to my "favorite places". Keep up
the great work, and say hi to my "greatest aunt" for me!!!!

Linda Hall

Editor's note: Natalie Thomson's "Token Travelogue" is carried in the Travel section.

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