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Jim Carey is Mr. Nice Guy in "The Truman Show"

... Fortunately, the adventure comes to an expected end ...

Movie Review by Morris Wattenberg

A wash of geniality seems to color the film "The Truman Show," spurred by the news that Truman was produced, not born.

Truman is the world's TV show, with the whole world watching what he is experiencing. TV producer Christoff (Ed Harris) manipulates every breath, every moment, every character.

Jim Carey, who has played in "Batman" movies and in the comedy "Dumber than Dumb," is very, very likable as the innocent Truman. He is here, in effect, the Everyman of literature. Ed Harris is cold and effective as the manupulator of the show, concerned only about ratings and relishing the TV hoax.

The odd thing about the whole plot is that nobody has ever told Truman who and what he is. Despite his thirty years, he has always been incredibly naive, and never happened to turn on his own TV show.

Fortunately, the adventure comes to an expected end, so we can all go home.


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