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Trouble in Interstellar Space

... "Armageddon" is a run-away asteroid.

Movie review by Morris Wattenberg

Film director Michael Bay used to build mini-volcanoes as a boy, which may account for the detritus frequently on screen in "Armageddon", and perhaps the constant noise that accompanies such disintegration.

When it is learned that a run-away asteroid will blow up the earth, the whole world is appalled. NASA quickly calls on an oil-drilling team to stop the nefarious intruder; the plan is to affix an atomic charge inside the asteroid and divert its course.

Bruce Willis, as head of an oil rigger operation, knows how to pick his men for this dangerous task, drilling deep into the speeding asteroid. He knows that handling 13 other hard-bitten, hard- hewn types will break the mold of "The Magnificent Seven", or any other such combos. But it's tough for the audience to tell the 14 players without a scorecard.

The team is superb, picking up NASA years of experience in a few days, and not bothering with helmets during drilling on the spiky asteroid.

There are miscues, of course, and the space environment is pretty noisy as they try to induce the asteroid to veer from the good old earth. In the nick of time, guess who slam-dunks the atomic bomb into the pocket? (By the way, who the hell is Nick?)

The world cheers, of course.

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