The Great Depression

One solution to Depression woes ....

by Russ Priestley

SO WE WENT TO FLORIDA: "The Depression? In the early '30's", Russ Priestley explained, holding a tattered photograph, "our family traveled each year during our father's vacation. Each evening we rented an overnight cabin, forerunner of today's motel. They were simple and basic, as you can see in this picture taken by my father. This small room held the Priestley family of seven for the night, on our way to Florida. I think we paid $2, maybe $2.50. In the rear is my mother Olive, and in front, from the left, are me, Warren, Bob, Olive Marie and Gil. My dad often told us that it was as cheap to travel as it was to stay home. So we went. Right through the Depression."

September 4, 1998

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