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... horny teens and young adults are interested in ???

morris wattenberg

The main thrust of the comedy "There's Something About Mary" is that horny teens and young adults have more than an abiding interest in sex, as do their fathers and elders of any generation. The main focus of this teen-age romp is Mary, a comely blonde, trim of figure  and open-hearted, played by Cameron Diaz with ease and charm.

Starting with the high school prom, Mary has been sought after by all and sundry, but has not found Mr. Right. The saving grace of the movie is the style of Matt Dillon as a smooth cajoler who savors every deception as he pursues Mary, easily out-maneuvering the schlemiel Ben Stiller, faithful for 13 years.

The sophomoric level the Farelly brothers' team achieves is canonized in the grand finale in which every actor uses the F word, a landmark for bad taste.

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