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A Twist on Orpheus

...What Dreams May Come - A Modern Fantasy

by Morris Wattenberg

The credits for the film "What Dreams May Come" are so eloquent and overwhelming that you wonder how they dared launch without giving due recognition to the originator of the idea, Orpheus, the legendary Greek hero associated with visits to Hell to find his wife, Eurydice, while plucking his magical lyre.

Not to make a federal case of this, but among the greats who were caught up by Orpheus' story were Gluck, Haydn, Liszt, Offenbach, Stravinsky, Monteverdi, and in literature Jean Cocteau, Euripides and Plato.

Obviously, great effort was made to develop the Orpheus story with modern technology and tricks. Here Robin Williams and Annabella Sciorro express their profound love through paintings, flower gardens, exquisite scenic effects. These rescues are nice sleight of hand, if not quite up to Orpheus' lyre about 530 B.C.

Director Vincent Ward describes the film as a "fantasy." You might wonder how a talent like Robin Williams would get hooked into such a superficial tale.

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