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George Bobryshev-Email 

A Russian student at Moscow University who is a regular visitor to our site.

From George Bobryshev
Madu, Westerm Cuberoa. Russia
Jan 11, 1999
I'm a russian student, i'm studying at Moscow University an now i'm on a holidays at home (Nadym, Western Cyberia, Russia) I'we heard of Silver Stringers from mail-list publication by CityCat (http://www.citycat.ru/)It's a big pleasure for me to read your newspaper and, i think, that this site will be the place, i'll visit reegulary. No, really - you're just prooved the world that life just statrts after 50! It's a big pleasure for me to read your materials - it's intresting to read, nice to look at publishing. You all are the good team, so good luck to you. From this moment, one of your customers.
Significantly yours,
George Bobryshev.

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