What to do When Retired --

... boredom struck.  I painted the basement.

Bill Jodrey

When one has retired from working for a living, there is free time to be used in other ways, and it is necessary to experiment to find that hobby which will fill the bill for you.

I tried several different avenues, but found one reason or another to stop and look around for another direction to try.

One day when I was playing pool in the basement of the apartment house in which I live, I noticed how the dark green color seemed depressing. I drew some white paint from the supply room and over a week or so, in my spare time, I painted the whole room which was twenty by twenty feet.

It was not very long before I found the stark white too annoying to me, so I started to paint pictures, and I and other tenants in the building liked the results as the area became alive.

When boredom struck again, I painted the corridor walls which was the end of the line for my artistic efforts.

Now that that has been taken care of, I started to write articles for the Melrose Mirror and looking into other avenues of mischief.

---Editors note:
Bill Jodrey has paintings on all the walls in the basement of the apartment house where he lives. Halls, playroom, any available space. He also had paintings hanging in the lobby and community room. Really impressive.

Each of the 14 paintings are quite large, some 4 x 8 feet. To show individually would require a long time to load. We combined so all could be viewed in a reasonable time.

Basement Paintings #1 of 3> -- Art - Four paintings, Face, Lilies, Schooner, Figurine.
Basement Paintings #2 of 3> -- Art - Five paintings, Butterflies,
teachers, Indian, Birds, schooners.
Basement Paintings #3 of 3> -- Art - Five paintings, Schooner, Flowers, Indian, Daisies, Schooner

March 12, 1999

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