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(July 1995)
Incorporated -- 1850 as a town. 1900 as a city.
Population -- 26,076.
Area -- 4.8 square miles.
Distance from Boston -- 7 miles north.
Homes -- Mostly single family, many from the Victorian era; also apartments and some multi-family homes.
Form of Government -- Mayor, Board of Aldermen, School Committee.
Residential Tax Rate -- $15.85 per thousand.
Business Tax Rate -- $24.81 per thousand.
Services -- Massachusetts Electric Co., Boston Gas Company, NYNEX, Time Warner Cable.
Transportation-- Three Commuter Rail Stations, MBTA Orange Line Station at Oak Grove (Malden/Melrose line).
Public Schools -- 1 High School, 1 Middle School, 7 Elementary Schools, 1 Regional Vocational High School (Wakefield).
Parochial School -- St. Mary's School (Grades k-8).
Churches -- 10 Protestant, 3 Catholic, 2 Non-Denominational, 1 Jewish Temple (Reform).
Hospital -- Melrose-Wakefield Hospital.
Library -- Melrose Public Library.
Weekly Newspaper -- Melrose Free Press.
Cultural/Recreational -- Two golf courses (one public -one private), numerous parks, playgrounds, ball fields, tennis courts, 9 ponds for skating and fishing, scenic trails for hiking and biking, YMCA pool (indoor), MDC pool (outdoor), Melrose Symphony Orchestra, Polyrnmia Choral Society, Melrose Youth Ballet, Milano Senior Center.

March 5, 1999

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