Melrose Centennial

My Favorite Memory of Melrose 

... The Victorian Fair. Everybody is gonna be there!

by Sophie Matsuda, Grade 8, Honorable Mention

"Are you gonna go to the Victorian Fair this weekend?"

"Are you kidding? Of course I'm gonna go! Everybody is gonna be there! We're going to have lots of fun! And you better be there!"

This is the usual kind of conversation that I hear at about the time the Victorian Fair is around.  It is a big thing! It is nice to live in a city where we can have some fun events like this one. It is nice to go to a place where practically the whole city of Melrose will be, and always having a great time! Since I have been living in Melrose, I have been to the Victorian Fair just about every single year. It is a fun experience, and I would not miss it for the world.

Every single year the Victorian Fair is crowded to the tip with all sorts of people from all over the place. You see mothers pushing their babies in carriages, people walking their dogs around, kids roller skating and riding their bikes around. It is so crowded that I sometimes have trouble walking around! But it is not that big of a deal. It is fun trying to make your way through the noisy crowd of people viewing people's wares for sale.

What is the point of the Victorian Fair? To have a good time! There are all sorts of things on display: watches, jewelry, cosmetics, hair clips, pencils and pens, key chains, toys, just about everything that you can think of! And all of these wares are for sale for a very reasonable price!

Besides the goods that are for sale they also have every type of food imaginable if you are hungry. They have hotdogs, pizza subs, soups, slush, and just about anything that your stomach desires! The great thing about the Victorian Fair is that it is in downtown Melrose, so you are close to the stores, so if you do not want something outside, you can go inside to a restaurant or a store. Even if you come to the fair empty handed, you can always leave with a bunch of stuff without paying for it, because they always have free things to give away! You can get ponchos, address books, key chains, pens and pencils, jar openers, and all sorts of stuff for the house. Every time that I go to the Victorian Fair, I always end up bringing some stuff back for the house, and that makes my aunt real happy!

Not only do they have free things for the house, but they also have free food! As you walk through the crowded streets filled with smiling people, you can get free slush, drinks, and candy, all right at the edge of your fingertips! So you basically do not have to bring anything to the fair if you do not want to.

Besides food and drinks, and people selling things to you, there is also a lot of activities that you can do at the Victorian Fair. You can do arts and crafts. I remember one year I made a crown out of a whole bunch of things.  You can get your face painted if you want to. You can do lots of things.  There are people dancing and singing and doing all sorts of tricks for entertainment. If you are lucky you may even get to be on TV.

March 26, 1999

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