Melrose Centennial

My Favorite Memory Of Melrose 

... Canadians From Verdun Come To Melrose For Hockey

by Baxter Charlton, Grade 8, Honorable Mention 

The best memory of Melrose for me is back in 1995 when the Canadians from Verdun came to Melrose to play hockey for a weekend in early April.

It all started on a Friday afternoon; buses from Verdun, Canada parked right outside my house at the Incarnation parking lot. Everyone piled into the downstairs of the church to find out what "kids" were assigned to each of Melrose "kids" houses. My house was assigned four (4) Canadians. It was great. Two were assigned to me and two were assigned to my younger brother.

The Canadian children and their parents came to my house at first. Then the Canadian parents left to go to their hotel rooms. My dad and mom took all of us to The Prince of Pizza. We met up with many other kids and parents. It was wild and it was really funny because the "kids" could not speak English.

When we came home, two Canadians slept in my room and the other two slept in my brother's room. The two Canadians jumped on my bed and it broke. They were speaking so fast in French it was hilarious. Dad wanted the boys to take showers. They looked at us like we were crazy.

Saturday morning came quickly. We had games throughout the day. The Canadians were terrific hockey players. In between games we had a bunch of families over and we had a huge street hockey game in my cul de sac.

Saturday night we took our Canadians into Boston to see the "great" city. They loved it. They ate pizza again.  They loved pizza. We walked through Fanuel Hall and saw some great sights. The Canadians, as we returned, wanted to play more street hockey, but we taught them how to play flashlight tag and they loved it.

Sunday morning we had one more game and then the Canadians had to leave. Melrose lost the Trophy to the Canadians this time but it was still an incredible experience. The Canadians did not want to leave and it was hard to say good-bye, but we promised that we would stay in touch with each other.

April 2, 1999

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