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My Favorite Memory of Melrose

... "Traveling" in Melrose produces a winner

Kelly Murphy, 6th grade essay winner

I have many wonderful memories of living in Melrose. But, my absolute favorite memory of all is riding around Melrose in my baby carriage. The driver was my grandpa, John "Red" Murphy. My cousins Maggie and Mack would also travel with us.  At the time, Maggie and I were about two years old, and Mack was four.

I can remember everything perfectly. My cousins and I would start out at our
grandparents' house on Clinton Road. All of us would be bundled in our warm sweaters, homemade hats, wooly mittens, and pink or blue snowsuits. There were two seats that Maggie and I sat in and Mack would stand on a platform between us.

Off we went all around Melrose, starting at the Lincoln School area down onto West Wyoming Avenue. My grandpa would sing bits and pieces of songs under his breath, mainly to entertain us, and to keep his mind off the cold weather. (You see, my grandpa is a very happy, good-hearted man.)

We'd go all the way to Friendly's, where we'd leave the carriage outside. My grandfather would get us a meal, but we mostly ate the french fries with ketchup. Next, we got our ice cream. We sometimes took it with us on the road.  It would drip everywhere and was hard for all of us toddlers to eat.

After eating, we would either go further or go back home. This would depend on if we were in smiley, friendly moods, or we were cold, cranky, and lacking a nap.  When we arrived at my grandparents' house, our cheeks were bright red and we were freezing. But we didn't really mind. We knew that our grandmother would wash our faces and we'd be all set. Besides, we had just had the time of our lives.

Now that Maggie, Mack, and I are all older, my brother Joey gets to take rides in the carriage.  They may take a different route, but mostly everything is the same. Anyway, I'm pretty sure Joey loves his carriage rides as much as we did, if that's possible.

March 12, 1999

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