Melrose Centennial

My Favorite Memory of Melrose

... lemonade stands and bicycle races mean summer is here 

Elizabeth Doherty - Grade 7 winner

It was a hot summer morning, and I felt as though I was going to melt. It was the summer of 1993, and I remember this particular July day like the back of my hand.  There I was, sitting on an old beach chair on Chester Street, about to witness the biggest thing that had hit my neighborhood in a long time.

The bike riders took their positions. All the neighborhood kids were there, Big Pete, Abby, and Christina, just to name a few. Suddenly, they sped off, making a mad dash for the opposite end of the street. I watched, in awe of their speed, and as quickly as it began, it ended. We held our breath as we waited to hear who had won. Robert yelled, "Abby wins!", and the others' calls were drowned out in our cheers.

Having a lemonade stand was another big event. "$.25 for a large, $.10 for a small!"

"Get 'em while they're still cold!" is what I would yell to the passing cars for hours.(You know it's Melrose when the neighbors do not complain!)

All of the local kids would want to join in on the fun. On one occasion we started out with two kids and ended up with seven! We usually drank most of the lemonade ourselves, but we were not too worried about a profit.

I recall that the postman always gave us a dollar, and never asked for change. We would stare at the dollar, speechless that we had made so much on one large. In the end, Mr. Casey would count our money, and we would then divide it evenly amongst ourselves. I usually went home with $.25 in my pocket, and a stomach full of bittersweet pink lemonade.

There's something special about a neighborhood, the people, the security, and the feeling of home. Our city provides the perfect setting for all of these, and it's upon these roots that memories are built.  I hope that Melrose can bring to others what it has brought to me: bicycles, lemonade, and a stomach full of lemonade.

March 12, 1999

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