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... Home for the Holidays enriches her world

Megan Driscoll, Grade 8 Winner 

"Oh, wow, I've never seen that before!" I cried excitedly. My eyes had been opened to another world. Too many years ago than I can count, I remember one of my first trips to the Home for the Holidays evening events.

I'd grown up only knowing Catholic holiday traditions. That night, I visited a temple and witnessed Hanukkah traditions for the first time. Because of the festivities our city holds, I learned a valuable lesson about how people of all different religions really aren't that different.

I remember hundreds of small brilliant flames as people walked down the street carrying candles. I remember how faithfully Santa would visit in a fire engine on that special night. Most importantly, I remember my first trip to a Jewish temple.

Friendly faces and all sorts of games were scattered in a tightly packed room. I was a little nervous because I was still very young, and most of what I saw was unfamiliar. But soon I was enjoying playing with dreidels and sampling chocolate gold coins.

I learned about Hanukkah, and how all our holidays share some things, like spending time with loved ones, and celebrating our faith.

I'm grateful that the city of Melrose holds special events that let us celebrate our holidays and learn about others. It was and is important for people to witness and understand things that are different. I'm glad our city does this in a fun way.

March 12, 1999

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