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Marjorie put LINK in PLAY THEM RAG article

... Excellent RAG article, An enjoyable
site - *Added his URL to my article*

Date: Tue, 9 Mar 1999 03:52:37 EST
From: LeslieMRag@aol.com
To: Melrose@media.mit.edu
Subject: Ragtime article in Melrose Mirror

I would be delighted and flattered to have our website added to the end of
Marjorie Burgess' excellent ragtime article. (Arts section: PLAY THEM RAGS).

Our URL is

Again, my compliments on a really fine website. The articles are fascinating.
I particularly liked Len Dalton's piece on Puccini (Features section) (I'm a big opera fan, too,and am going to see the Minnesota Opera production of Madame Butterfly this weekend), and I thought Ms. Burgess' piece on "The Apparition" was very well written (I had a similar but only one-time experience).


Leslie Johnson
Editor/Publisher, The Mississippi Rag, "The Voice of Traditional Jazz and

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