Melrose Centennial

My Favorite Memory of Melrose

... I was waterboy for the Melrose High School Football Team

by Adam Dion, Grade 6, 2nd Honorable Mention

I have done many things in Melrose and I have had many memories, but my favorite memory of all was being waterboy for the Melrose High School football team. I remember how fun and cool it was to be on the field during all the games and practices. Another thing I liked about it was I got recognized for it, like on MMTV and in the newspaper. I got the job because my brother played and my dad was good friends with the head coach, Coach Morris. I also knew the other waterboy, Mike Kent. Mike Kent and I also worked with the coaches' kids, Mike, Sean, and Tim.

While being waterboy, I got to meet a lot of new people. I met all of the Melrose players, and a lot of Melrose fans and coaches. I always cheered with them for Melrose. I remember these the best.

There is also something I remember real well; at the banquet, after the season. Towards the end of the banquet, Mike Kent, the other kids, and I were called up. We went up and the team gave us gifts, hats. It was cool, going up in front of everyone, with everyone clapping for us. All in all, I have had many memories of Melrose, but my favorite one is being waterboy for the Melrose High School football team.

March 26, 1999

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