Melrose Centennial

My Favorite Memory of Melrose 

... I landed with a thud, my tube no longer under me

by Jonathan Mooney, Grade 7, 2nd Honorable Mention

One experience that I would like to remember is the day I went tubing in Melrose at Mt. Hood. It was a snow day, and there was no school. Some of the other kids from St. Mary's had also gone. I had a small round tube that could be used in winter or summer because it floated. A lot of my friends were also tubing that day.

After I had taken about five runs, I realized that I had no control of my tube. My legs were not long enough to reach the snow, and I was too light to lean left or right in order to steer the tube. Many times I went so fast that I couldn't stop at the bottom, and I plowed into a tree or skidded onto ice. A few times I plowed into people climbing back up the mountain. Once I let go at the top. I couldn't control myself.

After ten runs, I decided to go down the left side of the mountain. Since I couldn't control myself, I had no idea which way I would go. I ended up heading straight for a large jump. It was the largest jump on the mountain. As I sailed into the air, I was having a lot of fun. When I was about to land, I realized that my tube was no longer under me. I landed with a thump, and my tube sailed down the rest of the mountain. Despite my crash, I had a lot of fun.

March 26, 1999

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