Melrose Centennial

My Favorite Memory of Melrose 

... A day I'll always remember - our neighborhood block parties

by Brian Schmitt, Grade 7, Honorable Mention

Of all my memories of Melrose I would have to say my most cherished are my memories of our neighborhood block parties.  Since I was eight we have had a block party on our street and each year they seem to get better.

Probably the best block party we had was when I was eleven. What made this one special was the yard sale we had before it. I still remember that great mid-August day we started getting ready for the yard sale. It was really cool because other people on our street were having a yard sale at the same time. I even got to have my own table. Around two the yard sale closed and the block party started. First my dad and other adults started setting everything up in front of our house.  All of the food and grill went there. After everything was ready and the street was blocked off people started to come. While the guests were arriving, all of the kids had a huge whiffle-ball game in my yard. After about  a half-hour, all of the food outside was ready; so everyone stopped to eat. When everyone had eaten, we began the real activities. With kick-ball, horse rides and water-balloons there was plenty to do. We started with water-balloon fights, they were really fun. After that, children started horse-back rides and music played loudly. To finish the kids activities, we had a big kick-ball game. After the game everyone ate dessert, and things began to settle down.

After most of the main activities were through with and most of the food was eaten, the crowd began to clear out. Even though it had been a fun day, people were tired and had to leave. When almost none but my family was left we brought the grill in for the night. Even today I'll remember that day as my best memory of Melrose.

April 2,1999

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