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The Case of the New Gene Additives: The Chicken-Carrot

... Objective: to make produce "pest free, drought impervious"

by Marjorie Burgess

The authorities have decreed that listing ingredients on the labels is unnecessary.

The public should be entitled to read the list of ingredients, regardless of authorities' benign objective,to make product "pest free, drought impervious" and other reasons as listed below.

The lowly tomato, now picked green, is injected with a gas that causes it to ripen prematurely. Given the new gene additive, the produce will ripen more quickly, taste better and keep fresh longer, up to two weeks longer.

The newly-engineered gene contains ingredients from chicken, fish, and animals. The use of arctic halibut will cause the tomato to become "frost resistant", resulting in a longer shelf life.

Should not the additives be listed for the consumer who follows a vegetarian diet or eats only kosher foods? Is there not the danger of allergic reaction to certain buyers? Should we not have the right and duty to know what is contained in the product?

The gene, as engineered in the laboratory, will cause faster and more concentrated sprouting within ten days.The claim is being made that celery, tomatoes, and carrots will become rot resistant.

What about chemicals now served various animals such as penicillin which is known to cause severe allergic reactions in patients? Will there be traces of the gene found and perhaps accumulated in the so-called "chicken-carrot"?

This contemporary gene is said to reverse the natural direction of the plant. The same principle is being used in current medical experiments to reverse specific diseases.

Are we getting closer to the future wherein nothing will be left to chance, when all living things, including humans, shall be engineered by specialists for the benefit of the total public good, decided by the All Knowing Super Power?

Perhaps worth mentioning is the statement made, "Now is the time to invest in the new "chicken-carrot" stock. It is up by 55%".

April 23, 1999

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