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How to have a Panic Attack

... I am a famous sleuth who must find the answer.

by Marjorie Burgess

Every time I decide to try something new, it creates in me a sense of panic. I am apt to feel physically ill contemplating a myriad of problems that may take place. Such a waste of energy! What is it in me that insists that there may be insurmountable problems, that I stay at home and be "the old-fashioned girl that married dear old dad"? Was there ever such a girl?

But what truly invigorates me is that, once I elect or have been given a project and start the fascinating process of working it out, I seem to become completely involved. It is a game that I have to play. There is a certain magic that takes over. I become involved, excited, and my curiosity forces me to find a solution. I am a famous sleuth who must find the answer.

Then comes that grand sense of having accomplished what I had set out to do.  What else is there?

Well, there is the same routine, to be repeated with the next problem.  Is it worth it, or is there a choice?

June 4, 1999

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