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BE a Pro, NOT an Anti

... We can't all be a total loss! Brighten up. Life is good.

Len Dalton

Thinking about perspectives and stuff, the antis are running amok in this country! The anti-tobacco folks are getting positively compulsive and are willing to break rules, the law and other peoples interests to do away with tobacco while at the same time they seem uninterested in the prodigious death rate from the effects of drugs. As Elmer Fudd often said, "There's something scwewy goin' on here!"

The anti-gun lobby now has seized upon the awful events in Littleton, Colorado to yell to the sky, "See! We told ya!" sounds like Henny Penny! Nothing have they to say about nuts around the country who use knives in mayhem. Gosh! You can't ban knives, can ya? In the unlikely event all guns are made to disappear in the country, mayhem would then turn to clubs, knives, rocks, etc. Maybe they will try to ban rocks. Why not? A rock can be as damaging as a bullet! One thing I can concede and that is the so-called tree huggers. They have improved the environment.

Here in good ol' Melrose, we now have wild otters and pileated woodpeckers; something I have never seen here until now in 1999. That's great! My red azalea is getting larger every year and is an overpowering sight.

Hearing the lovely singing voice of Celine Dion with Andrea Bocelli singing "Prayer" also boosts my view that things are really doing well and a positive view of the world has merit in spite of the confusion around the place.

I think what I am trying to tell you is this. Let flow from you a wonderful positive feeling; love, if you will, towards your world, towards your conscious existence. The stuff that comes TO you can't compare to the good stuff that goes FROM you. This is where the dividends in life come from. Try it--you'll like it. Trust me!!

Len Dalton

July 2, 1999

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