Random Thoughts

A Fragment of My Life

... a successful day

Marjorie Burgess

As of "yesterday" I had collected from the cellar, from the garage, from the back hall, 91 empty tonic containers, stockpiled for many moons, packed them in reusable plastic bags, placed said articles in the trunk of my car and prepared to deposit my cache in Cerretanis' recycling machine. It looked menacing to me. I asked for help after pressing the button and hearing strange, grinding noises. My effort was rewarded with $4.55 and a left-over Lite beer can that I discarded with a playful flourish into the rubbish container at home.

I had previously left on the church steps a large plastic bag of usable clothing and a portable typewriter with carrying case.

I gazed admiringly into my immaculate closet that had serenely embraced my many tried and true treasures for so long a time.

My next stop was the drug store where I returned a roll of film that Earl had purchased for $5.99, clearly over priced. I asked if there had been a mistake. They answered "No, but the film was presently on sale." They graciously returned the sum of $2.63, bringing my newly-acquired cash return to $7.08.

All in a day's work!

August 6, 1999

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