Random Thoughts

Food for Deep Thought

... which is stronger, love or hate?

Marjorie Burgess

August 5, 1944: Note: our 48th wedding anniversary.

My single violet leaf that I placed in a little water bottle with a hope and a prayer, and then planted in a little flower pot, has given birth to a violet bud! A nice start to my day.

Yesterday's New Yorker was as full of interesting articles as last week's edition was dull. One article that intrigued me was the book review of Tolstoy and Wife. This married couple read each other's diaries to prove their trust in each other. They fought continually, spewing venomous hate plucked from the contents of their scalding diaries. He was the world's most famous and richest writer, and a roustabout. At age 34, he decided the time had come for him to settle down and marry. One of his dear friends, also rich and titled, who was but two years his senior, encouraged him to choose his bride from among her three brilliant and beautiful daughters. He decided on the daughter aged 16. The marriage proved an unqualified, long lasting (Victorian?) love match. It also supplied me with food for a rather deep thought-provoking puzzlement. Which is stronger, love or hate?

August 6, 1999

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