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... My heartiest congratulations to Bernadette Mahoney

Don Norris

Subject: The Village
Date: Fri, 2 Jul 1999 10:08:47 -0700
From: "Don Norris" drnorris@gis.net
To: Melrose@media.mit.edu

My heartiest congratulations to Bernadette Mahoney, the editorial staff of the Melrose Mirror, and to the SilverStringers for outstanding work on the series City of Homes.

I know that  there are many people involved in this particular project -- the author, the source (which I believe is Historian Jim McArdle), the photographers, the people who edit the copy and those who concentrate on the fine layout. This piece requires the expertise of many, all of whom deserve much credit for a very, very fine publication.

Donald R. Norris, MHS '49

July 2, 1999

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