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The Cap 

... Thus was born the cap with visor.

Russ Priestley

The cap with visor originated with the knights of ancient times. The visor was a movable part of the helmet in their protective armor. It became a practice to tip the visor up when meeting a friend, or a courtesy to a damsel. The latter act was continued for centuries, but nowadays, how often do you see that? Another theory is that someone got tired of raising his hand to shield his eyes. He decided a visor was needed, but "How do I hold it on? I'll use my head." Thus was born the cap with visor.

At present, the billed cap has become an obsession to many...males and females. The adjustable cap has an opening in the back. This is perfect for slipping through a ponytail...again, male or female. A cap wearer feels undressed without his/her cap. Many wear it at all times...indoors or outdoors, sun or shade. Further, it gives the wearer something to do with restless hands. The cap is lifted and adjusted constantly. All baseball players need this cap, but football players frequently don a cap on coming off the field. I fail to see why these players continue to wear it in the locker room, clad otherwise with just a towel. Maybe it is to conceal an ever-increasing hair loss, probably caused by constant wearing of headgear

Some claim they need a cap while driving, even though they might have sunglasses on. The sun visor goes unused. And why, except for baseball catchers who must wear a face mask, does anyone wear a cap backwards? Many of the younger set do this, for some unexplicable reason. Are they making a statement, or what? They are defeating the purpose of a billed cap.

Ideally, the cap should have some sort of monogram or logo stating the wearer has been to Myrtle Beach, Cape Cod, or Martha's Vineyard...or maybe his job is with Acme Widget Company. This leads to a collection of caps. What to do? Since he can wear only one at a time, he will display them on the deck of the car's rear window. If you can read the logo inscribed, you are driving too closely.

Most schools must write into their rules that caps will not be worn indoors. Our generation and the military doffed any headgear automatically when going indoors. Now, many adults and kids have never heard of such a ridiculous code of ethics. There are many unexplained questions about current hat behavior. Oh, there's the doorbell. Where is my cap from Rocky Gorge Golf Course?

October 1, 1999

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