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I guess everyone heard the weather men today. Snow! The first of the season for Boston area. Not flurries either; five inches plus! I got the Snow Blower out. I allways service her before putting it under the porch. Checked oil and gas tank, started her up. No problems so I put it in the garage, headed out to go to work. While doing this I decided to pull up some photos from the storm a few years ago and write this. Just a reminder that they are not all like the winter of 1998. I sure hope this year is a repeat tho!

Front of house.--- Mudroom porch view.--- Backyard, deck and path up driveway

View of deck. --- Me with snowblower in driveway. --- The loaded trees.

Spring arrives, all snow gone and the Tulips in full bloom.

Fortunately the Ocean Storm moved further away from the coast and Boston was spared --
this time.

December 2, 1999

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