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Dr. Charles Northrup

You people are doing a tremendous job with this website "Silver

I was born in Boston and brought up in Melrose, and this website brought
back  lot of memories for me. My great uncle and Grandfather built the
Green St. Baptst Church.

My home page explains why I left Melrose in 1955 (Marine Corps)

And although I've been way all this time I still consider Melrose my

Dr. Charles Northrup
West Palm Beach, Florida

Editor's reply (Russ Priestley):

I visited your website, but got hung-up with lack of response from my ISP trying to continue as far as I wanted to go. Thus, I do not know much beyond your biography. We Silverstringers appreciate your kudos concerning the Melrose Mirror. As you may have gathered from visiting our website, we are a pilot project of M.I.T. They wished to prove that seniors don't all sit and rock. Their Media Lab Director, Jack Driscoll, was a former resident of Melrose, coming from a family of ten kids...so you may know one of them. M.I.T. supplied us with not only computers, but a printer, scanner and modem, which is connected to The Lab. Further, they sent grad students to our Senior Center to advise us and lead us by the hand. We were really raw and awed by computers, at first. Our publication proves that seniors are not too old and rusty to learn something new.

A system was set-up to make all the articles, photos, etc., publishable on the Internet. We have had plenty of recognition from not only various parts of the U.S., but also Ireland, New Zealand, Mozambique and Russia. The Boston Globe ran a feature article about our endeavors and it was picked up by The Minneapolis Star Tribune...but most important, we are having fun and keeping our aging brains at work.

I noticed that you attended Hebron Academy. My oldest brother, Gil, went there in 1936-37, then attended B.U. for one year before going to University of Illinois. I graduated from MHS in 1940 and was "recruited" to go to the U. of I. as they were trying to build a hockey team, where there was none before. After a frosh year of seasoning, I played on the same line with Gil when I was a sophomore. The Chicago Blackhawks used our rink for pre-season training and we played an exhibition game against them...no, we did not beat them. We did, however, beat Dartmouth in an overtime game in Chicago, then they beat us at our home rink, in overtime. We were the only team to defeat Dartmouth that year, but there were no college play-offs then to settle which team was the national champion. It was also 1941, so that "day of infamy" grabbed a few of our players right off. I left school at semester's end, tried my hand at a career in cartooning, and played for the Boston Olympics while waiting to be called to active duty for pilot training. I made it as a test pilot and ended up on Guam where I did eventually make it as Chief Test Pilot before returning to civilian life. The military life was not for me.

Russ Priestley

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