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September 11, 2001

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How Rockview Avenue got its name
from Rola Savarino
... From Sylvan Street to Mount Vernon Street

Happy holidays
by Casa
... just a thought

The Christmas that was saved by a turkey
By Joe Sullivan
... how giving up a Thanksgiving guaranteed a Christmas at home.

All about Shooting the Moon...
from Don Norris
... been there, done that ...

Its all about the weather
by Shirley Rabb
... one minute at a time

Old Soldiers go back to school
by Joe Sullivan
... vets will meet with Melrose High students to discuss their military experiences.

A glimpse of Ell Pond
by Shirley Rabb
... as the season changes

A long week-end
by Shirley Rabb
... of perfect days

Heroes among us
by Debb Collar
... recognizing those who have served their country, past and present.

Who's who with those classy Stringers ...
from the Silvertringers themselves ...
... the inside scoop on cherished members

Standing their ground
by Debbi Collar
... the survival of two local landmarks

How Cork City Survived the Depression
by Virginia Hanley
...Random stories of how some people coped with difficult times

Reviving Leather Work
by Debbi Collar
... traveling historic paths in Peabody

Ah ha! Dinner on the lawn tonight ...
from the Silver Stringers
... Gobble gobble gobble

How you can be the envy of all of your friends.
by Joe Sullivan
... Fame awaits you as a writer for the Melrose Mirror!

We sort-of enjoyed the mayhem ...
from Don Norris
... in what we believe may be another last Jason Bourne movie

Our annual Victorian Fair ...
by Debbi Collar
... transforming Main Street to days gone by

The Dog Festival is on the docket ...
by Debbi Collar
... with apologies to felines

Its quiet at Pine Banks
by Shirley Rabb
...looking forward to scary

Now that's a sketch!!!
by Don Norris
... another from Don's repertoire

Remembering my brother, Doug Norris
from Don Norris
... browsing through some several thousands of photos that are clogging my computer ...

History repeats itself at Halloween
from the SilverStringers
... guess what's just around the corner ...

What's up, what's down? Puzzling.
from Don Norris
... try figuring this one ...

My favorite place to dine???
from Don Norris
... no fast-foods listed here -- just pricey stuff.

Favorite restaurants
by Kay McCarte
... I can't think of any I don't like

Things have changed in Melrose over the years
by Jim Tierney
... after 53 years we are happy we came here.

Restaurants of choice
by Shirley Rabb
... and marvelous menu's to choose from

Something about growing old ...
from Don Norris
... if I could only remember ...

The Melrose that was
by Kay McCarte
... SilverStringers and readers remember when --

Sand sculptors
By Debbi Collar
... creative artwork at the first public beach in America - Revere Beach

It's volleyball season again!!!
from Don Norris
... Coach Celli opens with all-age training sessions

Melrose history/Kappa Swap Shop
by Debbi Collar
... Kappa Swap Shop's early years

Hey, I can't buy a pair of new shoes here in town ...
from Don Norris
... What ever happened to Newhalls, the Five-and-Ten, and Ruderman's Furniture store???

A Ghost Story
Richard Umbro
... A Ghastly Tale

A summer shower
by Shirley Rabb
... and it was all over

Summer Scenes
by Debbi Collar
... seasonal fun and some R & R

Where has poor little me gone?
by Jackie Wattenberg
... spooked by commas colons and faceless voices

A new view of Mount Hood
from Don Norris
... a short drive up a hill in Saugus

What a good day it was
by Casa
... and I was a part of it

Nature's symphony
by Shirley Rabb
... just to sit and listen, how wonderful

Remembering my brother from WWII
from Don Norris
... neither Douglas nor Donald had to shoot anybody ...

Feeding the Dinosaurs
by Joe Sullivan
... Middle School students honor veterans' service with breakfast and a Memorial Day program.

Almost busted on the Gulf beach ...
from Don Norris
... innocent and NOT proven guilty

A healthy Melrose -- at the fair
Photos from Don Norris, with aid from nurse/wife Lorry.
... An annual event??? We keep on lookin' gooood ...

Now I KNOW spring has sprung ...
from Don Norris
... false alarm, left over from last winter

Scenes from "The Waiting Room" ...
from Don Norris
... Mirror camera-man waits his turn ...

What we seniors can do ...
from Don Norris
... carving, painting, innovation, modernization ...

A last blast of winter storms
from Don Norris
... it just stuck to everything ...

Now here's a corny story
from Don Norris
... if we sell the house, do we charge extra for the mice???

Another view of Ell Pond
from Don Norris
... now some 10,000 years old, it remains a place of beauty

So long, Deering Lumber
from the SilverStringers
... significant changes in our skyline

Will the REAL fishercat -- please stand up ...
from Don Norris
... flawed digits lost our photo

When sketching becomes serious ...
from Don Norris
... save your doodles, see 'em in The Mirror

From squirrels to fishers --- take a look
from the SilverStrringers
... the city has a growth problem : wild animals

Where are we?
from the SilverStrringers

Keys before a painting
from Don Norris
... hardly news, but a clever photo ...

Trick photography
from Don Norris
... just something to annoy our readers ...

What!!?? Halloween in February???
from Don Norris
... Hey, what's a couple of months late ...

A Christmas to remember
from Don Norris
... smiling faces, presents under the tree, the grandkids ...

Avalon's Halloween
by Florence Shea
... Rrraaarr!!

Lunar Eclipse
by Debbi Collar
… creative photographers shoot the moon

Photos, sketches, pictures from Don's collection
from Don Norris
.. there's not much to say, but artwork of some kind

A fresh view of Gloucester
from Don Norris
... no story today, just the pix, ma'am ....

A fresh view of Gloucester
from Don Norris
... no story today, just the pix, ma'am

Robin hits window on Spear Street
from Don Norris
... big news, but he survives with a terrible headache

"Night Out" proves popular for Melrosians
from the SilverStringers
... The Chamber of Commerce gets a 'full house' on Main ...

Another view, downtown Boston, in color
from Don Norris
... celebrating a birthday with a stroll through town

Thank you, neighbors ...
from the SilverStringers
... a special kindness, a gathering of a neighborhood ...

... a gray day at the parking lot
from the SilverStringers
... Happinstance??? Put up?? ...or for real???

A quick peek at Melrose homes ...
from Don Norris
... in photos, a random look at local properties ...

Who sez there's no Santa ...
from Don Norris
... While out shooting the moon one cloudy night ...

New Stringer recruited in California
from Florence Shea and Avalon Berg
... future writers of America -- maybe presidential material!

Spring arrived -- and our town burst into color
from the SilverStringers
... we're a month late, but this is a good feature

Melrose's TV station turns the page ...
from the SilverStringers
... Stringers participate at MMTV annual meeting

Close-up and personal -- photos, that is
from Don Norris
... for 100 bucks, I bought this handy-dandy 1.8 lens

Melrose's own dog pound ...
from the SilverStringers
... a playground for k-nines ...

Upclose and extraneous
from Don Norris
... stills, close-ups, silly things ...

Books, books, endless books -- all for sale!
from former Library Trustee Don Norris
... Sunday sale at our Melrose Public Library

Lunch in Essex ...
from Don Norris
... and already, another good place to eat

What What time time is it??
Name withheld due to ridiculous copy

Working with shadows ...
from Don Norris
... it's one of those "sometime shots" ...

Oh deer -- deer me -- oh deer, deer, deer me!
From Don and Lorry Norris
... while strolling through the park one day ...

A very good place for seafood
from Don Norris
... take a casual jaunt down I95 -- to Kittery, in Maine ...

The winter of 2015, in brief
from Don Norris
... Melrose is inundated, records are broken ...

Reminiscing: Christmas is over ...
from Don Norris
... Time passes so innocuously these days

Found: One 20-dollar bill -- Confederate money!
from Don Norris
... just don't try spending it 'round heya ...

That's a bit of all right ...
from the SilverStringers
... a lowdown view of the passing scenery ...

I found the epitome of junk mail
from Don Norris
... once you get on the list ....

Holiday season -- one looks to one's compatriots
from the SilverStringers
... Customized cookies for the whole team

Nightly view of downtown Melrose
from Don Norris
... hand-held at 9:0pm, a really moving scene

I was California bound
by Florence Shea and Avalon Berg
... our family Thanksgiving

What's new about town???
from the SilverStringers
... new construction on Washington Street

Ooops! No Turkey today -- snow's too deep
Photos by Don Norris
... The storm hit Wednesday night, wiping out electricity across New Hampshire ...

Melrose, as it was 50 years ago
from Don Norris
... Ah, such sweet memories

Late breaking news about town ...
from the SilverStringers
... who, what, when, where -- in our city limits

Mike Ryan, champion of the Fells, retires
from the SilverStringers
... send-off party held at Beebe Estate

A last look at autumn colors
from Don Norris
... it may be late November, but still there is beauty out there ...

Once again, middle-schoolers honor vets
Photos from ex-Marine Don Norris
... breakfast, an escort, a band, almost 100 soldiers, sailors, Marines

Fun? Frolic - or bad taste???
from the SilverStringers
... Three neighborhood homes decorated with, ah, paper?

The miracle of Halloween
from Don Norris
... Stringers took some 285 photos

New blue view of Boston
from Don Norris
... from far, far away ...

Defining Melrose:
from the SilverStringers
... Some things never change, some always change

Close up, tight, bright and shiney
from Don Norris
... I bought this new f1.8 lens ...

Whatever the weather
Debbi Collar
… Sweetwater Street meteorologist dresses fire hydrant for the weather...

Defining Melrose: A winter scene on Meridian Street ...
from Don Norris
... The first of a series of beautiful and memorible places

Man, look at those blue berries
photo from Don Norris
Uhn, uhn, don't eat those ...

... while strolling by the library last week ...
from former trustee Don Norris
... we discovered a new approach to this marvelous place

Leaves of Autumn ...
from Don Norris
... signs of things to come ...

Stringer welcomes her great niece
by Florence Shea
... the next generation is born

Rundown of Revere Beach Sand sculpting festival
Photos from Gail Nelson, copy from Norma Staples
... two days later the cyclone hit ...

On vacations, Flo goes down to Maine
from Florence Shea
... not this year, not last year -- but the year before ...

Another sketch of Rowe's
from Don Norris
... it's gone now, but I remember ...

Doodling, sketching, drawings, etcetera
from Don Norris
... between the peaks of Colorado ...

What on earth has Norris wrought?
from Don Norris
... a casual snapshot while watching teevee ...

Like, we don't have enough turtles ...
from Debbi Collar
... new member provides a new look at life on Ell Pond ...

The parade -- and the children learn of war
from the SilverStringers
... hundreds of Melrose's finest joined the march

The parade -- almost an hour passes, almost a mile long
from the SilverStringers
... Bands, trucks, squad cars, all sorts of marchers ... with Veteran soldiers, sailors and at least one Marine ...

... the Parade goes on ... Part Two
from the SilverStringers
... the cheerleaders, the people ...

Melrosians honor their veterans: The marchers
from the SilverStringers
... some 40 vets chose to march

Photo update: The annual Melrose Art Show
from Don Norris
... no words, simply an overview of a popular event

I HATE cauliflower -- but ...
from Don Norris
... but it's not bad -- if it's not cooked ...

Tiny, brilliant, delicate -- the crocus bring joy
from Don Norris
... small gems of nature, do it all by themselves

Finicky New England weather -- snow today, 65 tomorrow
from Don Norris
... at last, at last, spring is sprung

The "Ah" response
by Louise Fennell
... photos from a daydreamer

Expectation -- the look of a new cameraman
from Don Norris
... Geoff Shanklin critiques his initiation to the big camera

Fascination --sketching the Rowe's complex
from Don Norris
... while going through old sketchbooks ...

The Concord Bridge -- out of season
from Don Norris
... Enough of this winter photos, here's one from last fall

Beating Spring by a day ...
from Lorry Norris
... a Florida refugee blooms in a Melrose home

A new view of Boston
from Jeff Phillips
... sunset provides a warm, dramatic view -- from the east.

On Nostalgia, who remembers Rowe's?
from Don Norris
... they ran out of rock, replaced it with brick

Deerest One ... caught on camera
from Flo Shea, Shirley Rabb, and Don Norris
... caught in the act

Close-up and vibrant
from Don Norris
... nature's way of making life colorful

Life in 10-year steps
from Don Norris
... everything (except carving, painting, shooting, and a half dozen other activities) lasts ten years ...

The Ultimate way to save on, ah, ice?
from Don Norris
... taking advantage of winter itself!

Searching for the beauty of the storm
from Don Norris
... in the waning light, only the glistening white snow stands out

Oh Lordy, I really goofed this time ...
from Don Norris
... infamous screwups with a fifteen hundred dollar camera ...

It's that pesky squirrel again ...
from Don Norris
... out for early evening drink

Here and there, but all about Melrose
from Don Norris
... random photos of our favorite home town

Farmers' Market in November? -- it works!
from the SilverStringers
... no words, just pictures of the indoor Farmers' Market at Memorial Hall

People in the news ... MMTV Group
from the SilverStringers
... a monthly schedule appears pressing ...

Enjoy Autumn shadows while they last
from Don Norris
... frost, winter are just around the corner ...

Retrospect: Halloween in Melrose
from Don Norris
... 420 pix of kids and mamas, edited down to, umm, a couple of dozen ...

When a rose is a rose ...
from Don Norris
... Mt. Hood Miracle for Halloween

Volleyball team takes league trophy AGAIN!
from the SilverStringers
... best shots from some 22 wins, one loss.

Walk around, look around. Where are we?
from the SilverStringers
... quiz, quiz, quiz: How well do you know our town?

Unusual results in lady's garden ...
from the SilverStringers
... fragile blossoms of bright blue

History: Hurricane Sandy strikes Melrose ...
from Don Norris
... Wildlife takes refuge, flowerpots uprooted ...

Gabrielle puzzles over jigsaw shadows
from Steve Johnson
... patterns cast from a low, Arizona sunset

Photo proof: There WAS a record turnout ...
from Don Norris
... Victorian Fair entertains some ten thousand visitors

Plain, simple, beautiful: A flower
from Don Norris
... No point, just the simple beauty from my wife's garden

Close-ups down to Gloucester
from Don Norris
... what (I believe) is the real beauty in this New England seacoast town

Turkeys, turkeys, turkeys
from the SilverStringers
... Here Herman, here Herman ...

It's 1:01pm Thursday -- berry pickin' time
from Don Norris
... everybody goes there, but nobody sees it.

Where are we? ... it's a tough one ....
from Don Norris
... Hint: it ain't Malden, it's not Wakefield. It's ...

Our home town -- at least a view from ----
from Don Norris
... Pick a hill, enjoy the view

Wondrous castles in the sand
by Louise Fennell and Norma Staples
... Stringers visit fantabulous beach architecture

Up close on the Fourth, at the Common
Photos, commentary from Don Norris
... a patriotic spoof for the future leaders of our inter-planetary system.

Close-up of a favorite mushroom
from Don Norris
... short and not eatable

A retro on a family-day Fourth
from Don Norris
... the little people steal the scene ...

A relative visits the Eiffel Tower
from Doug Norris III
... news for the Mirror is in short supply this summer ...

Bolton winery featured in new MMTV series
from the SilverStringers
... new video group adds to growing travel series

Melrose: A wild and wooly place
from Don Norris
... collecting animal flix over the years

Word arrives from Phoenix ...
from Steve Johnson, the Arizona Stringer

Oddball photos from an oddball editor
from Don Norris
... journalist, investor, playmaker -- but NOT a photographer ...

Memorial Day celebration at MVMMS
from Don Norris
... the Vets, the kids, the speakers -- everybody.

New life at the Senior Center ...
from the SilverStringers
... Ms Robin lays an egg -- ah, actually FOUR eggs

Photo Gallery, somewhere near Melrose
from Don Norris
... pictures here and there, sort of seasonal ...

A flurry of croci ... er, ah, crocuses
from Don Norris
... a welcoming montage of spring color

Lest we forget those February -- and March --storms
from Don Norris
... it was a time for the TV weather progrosticators to shine ...

Slow Children
Stringer photo team ...
... signs of the times???

Belated get-well card -- local history
from the sick guy at the senior center
... no matter that I almost kicked the bucket ...

Where are we today? No. 13
from Don Norris
... Somewhere in Melrose lies this scene ...

Let's do lunch on Plum Island
from Don Norris
... Nice afternoon excursion to Joppa Flats

Mayor lauds advances at State of City meeting
from the SilverStringers
... virtually everything appears to be better than it was ...

Remember? Only 50 years ago ...
from the SilverStringers
... hard to believe, the new MHS is already 50 years old.

MHS choir sings for Milano seniors
from the SilverStringers
... Christmas melodies and rousing song draw long applause

Local youngsters in holiday production
from Linda Callanan
... students take parts in "The Music Man Jr."

From the darkness comes light
from the SilverStringers
... Under-exposed again? Try Adobe "Elements"

Yet another photo: Where are we?
by Don Norris
... pictured is a unique spot on Planet Earth

Melrose's own magic fall colors
by Don Norris
... Mirror editor captures changing colors in his back yard

Once again, Vic Fair draws a crowd
Photos by Don Norris
... random flicks reflected in the Mirror's lens ...

Volleyball is back -- the team looks awesome
from Don Norris and Dick Collis
... predominently seniors, outlook is bright

The new wave -- motorbiking the back roads of New England
from Don Norris
... "Mirror" editor Don Norris and daughter Nancy in the White Mountains

That's our Flo, carousing with the stars ...
from the SilverStringers
... cheek to cheek with "Millionaire" hostess Meredith Viera

Where on earth are we ...
from the SilverStringers
... not exactly downtown, but those far rocks are, well, close.

Who??? Why it's Natalie ...
from the SilverStringers
... an origianl SilverStringer has retired ...

Appreciating summer -- look what's just around the bend ...
from Don Norris
... I don't want to be a spoilsport, but look what's looming, just around the corner ...

Top of the Hub for our birthday party
from Don Norris
... celebrating number "xx" at 1200 feet

Coach Celli's volleyball camp expands ...
from Don Norris and Dick Collis
... Melrose sports venture producing champions

What's new construction around town?
from the SilverStringers
... replacing the old with something new

New/old farmers market opens for the season
from the SilverStringers
... Sally Frank's opens at West Emerson Street park

The penalty for volunteering ...
from the SilverStringers
... crowned with stars, squished by buddies

Interesting photo of nothing much ...
from Don Norris
... close-up of New England

Outstanding! Memorial Day Parade tops all
from the SilverStringers
... neither rain nor snow -- nor change of date -- tops annual event

For those who aren't familiar with Melrose ...
from the SilverStringers
... a little bit about our small town

What's this, and where are we?
from Don Norris
... in Melrose, of course -- but precisely where?

Melrose Street, Melrose, MA
by Ed Boyd
... houses on Melrose Street

Volunteers applauded at Milano Center
from Don Norris
... Some 100 seniors take time to make life easier -- for others

Deep inside Memorial Hall -- once again
from Don Norris
... a re-do of a photo expose', from The Mirror, Jan 4, 2008

The publishing team at the Milano Center
by Don Norris
... ironically the entire membership serves as a board of editors ...

Easter at Mt.Hood 2012
by Ed Boyd
... a delightful and delicious brunch/dinner

Spring pops up early -- in Melrose, that is
from Don Norris
... warm weather brings out the best, early this year

Universalist transformation coming along ...
by Joan Alcala
... a brief update on Essex Street project

Myrtle Beach bypass
by Don Norris
... a grab shot is a winner

Doing the picture thing at Easter
from various SilverStringers
... typical family shots over the years

Sssss-s-s-su-wamped! ... a photo essay
by Don Norris
... slow down, look around, find the beauty ...

Q: Where on earth are we?
from Don Norris
... actually we crossed the line here ...

Plain and simple, any way you look at it
by Don Norris
... I was hittin' almost fifty coming around this bend

Faces of Wisdom and Grace
from the SilverStringers
... something new and exciting at the Beebe House

I told you, it's a black squirrel ...
by Don Norris
... for those non-believers, here are the goods!

French and British battle continues -- in New Hampshire
by Don Norris
... second edition of a 250-year old fight for America

Photo Essay: Women's Championship Volleyball team
from Don Norris
... Lady Raiders shine in a Stringer's pictures

Talk about Halloween -- dig these get-ups!
from the SilverStringers
... seniors party-it up at annual bash

The day before the storm ...
from Don Norris
... really long lasting fall colors survive horrific storm

Last look: Halloween fantasies, 2011
from the SilverStringers
... Gory, scary, some awful -- photos of area yards in late October

Stringer witness bust down to Maine
from Don Norris
... talk about Johnnie On The Spot ..

Almost ran into a thousand pound pumpkin
from Don Norris

Lady Raiders dominate Middlesex volleyball league
from SilverStringer Don Norris

New itsy-bitsy digital camera works!
from Don Norris
... Stringer adds to his collection of Nikons

Accetulo painting takes blue ribbon
from the SilverStringers
... local artists earn MVES awards

Melrose produces its very own dog show
from Don Norris
... curious flix of canines and their pet people

Sun shines, Victorian Fair draws record crowds
from Don Norris
... ceremony remembers Melrose man from 9-11

Here's Melrose -- marking September 11, 2001
from the SilverStringers

Classic up-country Fourth of July parade
by Tom Dillon
... SilverStringer celebrates with family in Gilmanton, New Hampshire

Volleyball camp -- from tykes to tomorrow's stars
from Don Norris
... beginners get a dose of how it's done ...

The stark beauty of simple things
from Don Norris
... found on a 200-year old farm maple ...

Robin goes bonkers at own reflection
from Don Norris
... It's okay, it's okay -- he survived

Colorado rabbits at the Comfort Inn
from Don Norris
... vacationing in the Rockies is ...

Looking down on America -- from 39,000 feet
from Don Norris
... at 400 knots, the scenery whizzes by

Whenever I visit St. Louis, Missouri
from Barbara Leedham
... a peek at their botanical garden

An appreciation of volunteers ...
from Tom Dillon
... live, at the Milano Senior Center!

An afternoon at Arnold Arboretum
Photos from Louise Fennell
... beauty abounds, thanks to Harvard University

Melrose Annual Art Exhibit 2011
by Carole P. Tate
... a small sample of a broad showcase of talent

Traffic happening, Main at Upham Streets
from Don Norris
... traditional pix taken between 1837 and 2013

Adventure in the White Mountains
from Don Norris
... bikeys muddle with Irish setters

Nature's artistry brightens local hills
from Don Norris
... a different view of things

Beckley's Business: A Celebration of Service to Seniors
from SilverStringers
... An album of a few memorable moments from Jack Beckley's 23 years as Executive Director of the Melrose Council on Aging

Jack Beckley's retirement party activities
Photos by SilverStringer Tom Dillon
... An album of March 25th, 2011 retirement party pictures and notes

Melrose -- the last day of 2010
by Shirley Rabb
... from sunrise to sunset

Melrose shines -- after the storm
by Rick Mockler with narrative by Don Norris
... a "traveling Sam" looks at his home town

Lots more pics of our Chamber's Halloween Blast
Photos from SilverStringer Don Norris
... Melrose kids, neighborhood kids, visiting kids ...

Still more up-close horror flix
from Louise Fennell
... Stringers flood Main Street with shooters

As the wise old owl says, "Whoo's whoo at the Halloween Bash?"
photos from Don Norris
... Thousands of children -- and parents --fill downtown for the CofC freebie

Beauty in the rough
by Don Norris

Oh heavens, look at all those old cars!
from Don Norris
... popular Rotary Club fund raiser a hit in Melrose

Food fun at the Melrose Victorian Fair
by Shirley Rabb, Louise Fennell, Carole P. Tate
... candid camera caught food fanciers munching as local talent entertained.

Relics from the 'Good Times'
from Don Norris
... found, while back-roading with my dirtbike

Alice in Wonderland features local students
by Carole P. Tate
... Wakefield Repertory Youth Theatre produces a musical version with local talent

The queen is in town
by Shirley Rabb
... along with her colorful companions

More photos of Boothbay
from Don Norris
... another look at one of Maine's favorite getaways

On vacation in Boothbay Harbor
by Don Norris
... a close-up look at seaworthy composition

More on Royal Barry Wills in Melrose
Photos from Rick Mockler, Melrose Historical Society
... three decades and half a hundred designs later

Wildlife replication at the Hood
from Don Norris
... multiplying turkeys on the home computer

It's not exactly Niagara Falls ...
from Don Norris

An insider's look at city's history buffs
from Don Norris
... lecture on Royal Barry Wills draws a crowd

The faces of our Memorial Day parade
photos from the SilverStringers
... a walk down Main, from Upham to Wyoming Cemetery ...

Fire boxes and lamp posts
from the SilverStringers

A snippet of tips for freestyle floral design
by Carole Tate
... strategic stem-snipping yields "freestyle" creations at Melrose Garden Club

Across Canada by train
by John Averell
... my once in a lifetime trip

Sampling the work at MACA's art show
by Don Norris
... Outstanding painting, ceramics, quilting and even great shadow boxes

Healthy attendance at recent health & wellness fair
by Elizabeth Samit
... see four photos inside the event and a link to the details

Guess who's having a baby or two - or 6?
from Barbara Leedham
... observers watch for public "birthing" up close and personal

Close-up of girls' finals at Boston Garden
photos by Don Norris
... they reached the summit, but, in the end, we lost to Oliver Ames High

Mount Hood Winter Festival ...
Story and photos by Stringer D.R. Norris
... a throwback to earlier times

Melrose in the shadows
by Shirley Rabb
... phantoms at our feet

Oh Goodness, I'm lost again
from Don Norris
... another in the exciting skein of "Where are we" photos of Melrose

Celebrating Memorial Day parade on the Fourth of July
from Don Norris
... better late than never -- it's the season for patriots

Where on earth are we now ?
from Tom Dillon and Don Norris
... lots of action for a nice Sunday drive

Count the volunteers --
from the SilverStringers
... for it's the volunteers that count

Where on Earth are we?
from the SilverStringer photo team
... Today we're in Melrose. Guess where ...

Foolin' around with a catbird
by Don Norris
... nature's designs, in color and real life

Bonnie Moore's magic eye
Photos by Bonnie herself
... each photo is a study

Hello? Hello? Is this you, Mabel?
by Don Norris
... a quick study in the technical aspects of cellphones

Oh, I am so mad at you
by Ed Boyd
... Jillian is very angry

Stringer spots hip-nudging at Long Beach
from Don Norris
... not exactly news, but slice of life stuff

Sunset over Perdido Key
from Lorry and Don Norris

Another cool look at Melrose -- in the deep freeze
from Don Norris
... an essay: Writing a story while the flakes fall

A winter's day for kids
by Shirley Rabb
... and what fun it is

Recuperating with a Nikon D300
from Don Norris
... a bout with pneumonia and a fascinating new camera

A workspace without a computer!?
by Carol Nelson
... Stringer makes art in senior housing

Joan's Smart Car
by Kay McCarte

We know Halloween in Melrose
by Shirley Rabb
... and we know scary

Was it 'Groundhog vs Coyote' or what?
from Don Norris

Vic Fair: Faces in a crowd
from SilverStringers Shirley Rabb, Tom Dillon and Don Norris
... a gloomy day turns out just fine

MHS volleyball team chalks up win number 30
by Don Norris

Ed Boyd's inner sanctum
from the SilverStringers
... continuing series on Stringers' workspace

Tom Dillon's workplace: Pretty spiffy
from the SilverStringers
... second in the series ...

Neighbors are wearing fur coats these days
from Don Norris
... more wild, wild west than plain jane east

Magic after the storm
from Don Norris

Special! Photos of the Celtics' parade
from Don Norris
... crowds jam Boston to celebrate with NBA champions

Photo essay: One hundred and thirty-four volunteers
from Don Norris and the SilverStringers
... random shots of who's who at the big party

Photography: In the artist's eye
from the SilverStringers
... the editors pick on Stringer Louise Fennell

Volunteers keep the show on the road
from the SilverStringers
... more and more seniors step up, receive honors

The people and paintings at the 2008 art show
by Don Norris
... close-up look at Melrose's Memorial Hall

New singing group serenades mayor
from the SilverStringers

Fanueil Hall market in horse and wagon days
From the SilverStringer files
... family slides turn up historical note

Catching the flavor of Faneuil Hall
from Don Norris
... Boston, down to earth

A note from the past: "Miss Melrose, 1964"
from the archives
... produced by a new group called the "Jaycees"

More "After the storm"
by Shirley Rabb
... another look at Melrose during a recent snowstorm

Melrose after the storm
from SilverStringer Don Norris
... and the most beautiful day of the year

Deep inside Memorial Hall
from the SilverStringers
... a photo essay: Where few are invited to go

Lady Raiders record first loss at division final
from the SilverStringers

Stringers go back to school
from Don Norris
... What's THAT thing? Where's this go? Don't yell at me, please ...

Rick Mockler's photos of Red Sox Parade
from Rick Mockler
... Manny, Poppy, Popelbon -- and the people

It's a breeze -- ballooning, that is
by Louise Fennell
... visiting relatives in Albuquerque

Halloween house deja vu
by John Averell
... the "painted lady" on Halloween

Doggone it -- a lowdown view of the VicFair
leftovers from Don Norris and Shirley Rabb
... unabashed tom-foolery, foot-level photography

A house's new face
by John Averell
... and what a face!

Victorian Fair 2007 -- in pictures
from the SilverStringers
... Mirror reflects on 26th downtown fair

Photog looks down, sees FEET at the fair
from Stringer Shirley Rabb
... no fair, no feet. What Melrosians are wearing!

Scholars, athletes, attractive -- the tri-captains
from the SilverStringers

Photography -- not exactly an inexpensive hobby
by Don Norris

Red Hat lady just sits there all day
from Don Norris

New Middle School -- a photo essay
from the SilverStringers
... with five weeks left to deadline, work progresses

Red Hats -- they're everywhere!
from the SilverStringers
... but there's a Melrose connection

Historical Society people, in color
from Don Norris
... the night Brigid Alverson spoke

Forgot the new GPS, ended at the Flying Dragon
from Don and Lorry Norris
... lost on the moors, in Essex, Massachusetts

Close to Melrose, but where?
from the SilverStringers

Rotary steps up, opens the door
from Jack Beckley
... getting into the Milano Center is easier these days

Memorial Day: The people
... from the SilverStringers
... spectators were invited to join the marchers ...

Memorial Day: The Survivors
from Don Norris
... a glimpse of the veterans who came home

In Melrose, but where is it?
from Don Norris
... a 3.6 second exposure

Fidelity's Oak Grove accepts new residents
from the SilverStringers

Florida Melrosians mark tenth gathering
from Marie Wood
... photos from a rare reunion on Nokomis Beach

The giant's dentals
from the SilverStringers
... Stringers' photo of the month

Dinner on the wing
from the SilverStringers
... bird-watching at McDonalds

Photographers: Need inspiration? Try this ...
from National Geographic's "Traveler" magazine
... photo sources on the Web, from Scott Stuckey

More rain on Melrose's plain ...
photos by Richard Legault
... in his 60s, he discovers photography

New camera? Take a walkabout
Photos from Rick Mockler
... Lesson 101: Shoot what you see

The year of Melrose's own Big Dig
from the SilverStringers
... "gunk" is the acceptible word

Jim Milano gets a straight dose of volleyball
from the SilverStringers
... at age 97, our former mayor experiences his first game

Speaking of Fall colors ....
Photo by Len Dalton

What has two heads and no tail?
from the SilverStringers

Fascination: Grove Street reconstruction
Photos and story by Natalie Thomson
... patterns, color, muscle, machines

Portsmouth harbor at sunset
by Don Norris
... Photo of the month for November, 2006

The new competition -- Youth
from the SilverStringers
... ten year old finishes in top half

October's Photos of the Month
from Mirror readers
... two Melrosians draw from travel collections

A walk in the woods at Breakheart
by Stringer Don Norris
... a Russian on schools, mushrooms and some history

On mailboxes, memories and raucous parties
by SilverStringer Don Norris

"Community Choice" for aging seniors
from the SilverStringers
... New legislation: Avoiding "a home" as years slip by

Photo of the month: Shirley's harbor scene
from the SilverStringers
... down and dirty in Gloucester's working waterfront

Stringers find Childe Hassam's Acorn Street
from the SilverStringers
... recording history once and again

The cardinal visits Melrose
from the SilverStringers
... living in the city isn't so bad

Yard sales -- gismos, junk jewelry and doodads ...
from the SilverStringers
... a brief business venture hits economic skids

Volunteers cited at special luncheon
from Jack Beckley, executive director, Melrose Council on Aging
... "The city would be mighty poor without them"

The values of a storm
by Don Norris
... a photo essay in black, white, green and gray

Stringer goes ballooning in Vermont
Photo by Editor Louise Fennell
... our second "photo of the month"

Stringer Photo of the Month: "Becca"
from the Melrose SilverStringers
... Mom's raspberry cheesecake looks awful good ...

Vets replace stolen plaque at Knoll
from the SilverStringers

Memorial Day Parade -- one of best ever
from the SilverStringers
... Melrose turns out to say "Thanks" to its Veterans

A friend in need ... life in Melrose
from Mike Ryan

Early morn at Mount Hood
Photos by Len Dalton
... light is horizontal, casting long shadows

Update on new Middle School construction
from the SilverStringers
... Storm is over, progress is in order

Damp, wet, soggy left-over photos
by Don Norris
... storm photos from Don and Len Dalton

More and more mailboxes
by Don Norris
... spotted on backroads, in little towns of New England

On buying a new digital camera
from Eleanor Jenkins and Don Norris
... so many to choose from, but so easy to use

Guests, Hosts at Stringer Open House
PhotoTeam special feature
... random shots at the Carriage House Lounge

Meeting President Carter -- almost
from Don Norris

Ancient history: Red Raiders, 1948
from local archives

At dawn on Mount Hood
Photos from Len Dalton
... early riser photographs first light

Readers' showcase, a photo essay
from our Mirror reflections
... not exactly soup to nuts, but close

Photo essay, one pix and that's all
from the SilverStringers
... Short and quick, five shooters respond

The Middle School, up to date
Photos from the SilverStringers
... the city's new fifty million dollar school

The first snow -- a pristine blanket of white
Photos by Stringer Shirley Rabb
... A December storm coats New England in beauty

Photo comparison: A mere thirty days
by Stringer Don Norris

The pictures worth a thousand words
from the SilverStringers themselves
... counting noses, identifying faces:

Yikes! Dust mites
on my keyboard!

by Stringer Don Norris

25th Victorian Fair -- in photos!
Photos by Don Norris and Ella Letterie
... Stringers capture flavor of 2005 celebration

Alumni bump at demolition scene
from the SilverStringer Phototeam
... MHS people hold reunion while walls fall

Carriage House
Lounge a success

from the SilverStringers

Our chipmunk is back
by Bob Ross
 ... been several years since we had chipmunks in the yard. 

Yikes! "It's
a armerdilla!"

by Don Norris

Cross the summit, around Towners Pond
by SilverStringer Don Norris
... gone hiking, climbing cliffs, through the forest ...

Walls come
tumbling down ...

from the SilverStringer Phototeam

A spring walk around the house
Photos and words from Don Norris
... and a close-up look at Lorry's 300 million year old rock garden

... and the
walls came
tumbling down

from the SilverStringer photo team

Who are those
young people in
the Farmington Times?

Mail from Delores Wernet

Our hurricane simply petered out ...
by Don Norris
... another misadventure with the Stringers' daring phototeam

Yikes! Raw oysters
by Don Norris

The Melrose Pondfeilders
by Natalie Thomson - Photos by Shirley Rabb
... today's vintage base ball club

The lobster truck
in Myrtle Beach

from Don Norris

Quick, quick, pass me the camera ...
from the Stringer Photo Team
... "I didn't bring one." "Me neither." "I left mine at home ..."

Senior Center Celebration
by Silverstringers - Photos by Ella Letterie & Shirley Rabb
... Ho! Ho! Ho!

Expressions -- a new look at Melrose
from the SilverStringers
... Photo team stakes out local coffee shops

Shooting around -- really close up
by Don Norris
... getting right down and dirty

... there were notables there ...
From the Stringer Photo Team

... the faces at the Victorian Fair
by Silver Stringer Photo Team

... and there was entertainment ...
from the SilverStringer photo team

Barbeque at Milano Senior Center
by Natalie Thomson
... cook out - eat in!

Feast of St. Rocco celebration in Malden
by Natalie Thomson
... a festival of faith and friendship

Downtown Melrose, close-up and intimate
The SilverStringer phototeam
 ... don't tell me you never heard of the Flax Block!

The weather
 outside was frightful

by Natalie Thomson

A rainy day at Addison Gallery
from the SilverStringer photo group
 ... looking for light and warmth, shooters visit Andover museum

Boston's bloomin' Public Gardens
by Natalie Thomson - Photos by Silverstringers
 ... sunshine, swanboats and blossoms 

Melrose Memories ...
  those Powers girls

from the Photo Team

Secret gems of Melrose
by Natalie Thomson - photos by Shirley Rabb
 ... presented by Victorian Melrose Society

Searching for Venus
From the Stringer Photo Team
 ... Stringers persevere, get that illusive shot

Memorial Day parade on Sunday
by Natalie Thomson
 ... lest we forget

 photo team
 on location

from the Photo team 

Melrose from the past
by Bob Ross
 ... Melrose early 1900 to 2004

Photo essay: The capture of Saddam Hussein
Photos via Irving Smolens
 ... news content from the front lines

Yikes! It's
  a bumblebee!

from Don Norris

Main Street

by Natalie Thomson

They come from
  far and wide ...

from the Stringer photo team

The great snow storm of December 5th 
from the Stringer photo team
 ... it just kept snowing and snowing and snowing ...

'Just jot down
 your thoughts
 and send 'em in ...'

From the SilverStringers

Mount Hood Park: A fair jewel
From the Stringer Photo Team
 ... Draws praise from golfers, hikers, nature lovers

Here's what Melrose
 people look like ...

photo by Don Norris

Yikes! A grasshopper!
from Don Norris

Decoupage Fun
Jack Beckley
 ... Pictures of a decoupage class at the Milano Senior Center.

Trick or Treat
by Natalie Thomson
 ... it was neat! 

Chaos? Mayhem? No, just a flea market ...
by Don Norris
 ... Stringer photog gets stomped ...

Picture Concord, as Autumn arrives
From the Stringer photo team
 ... at The Bridge over the Concord, where the revolution began

Under-cover photos reveal the real Bostonian
by Don Norris
 ... funny, each face is unique, a work of art

Victorian Fair in wondrous color
by Stringer Don Norris
 ... Snappy snapshots catch local folks doing the fair thing

An afternoon at Saugus Landing
from the Stringer Photo Team
 ... the river, the marsh, the boats, and the characters

Yikes! A spider!
by Stringer Don Norris

Strange light show
  in Melrose

by Don Norris

Considering Quannapowitt and Ell Pond
The Stringer Photo Team
 ... Photo team pokes its nose into neighboring town

Not exactly the funny papers 
from the SilverStringer Photo Team
 ... Stringers mingle with the people of Melrose

Barb Leedham's
  Victoria Gardens

from Barbara Leedham

Swans are back 
  at Ell Pond

Photos from Rick Mockler

Cape Ann and the internet
from the Stringers' Photo Group
 ... shooters crop selection from 400 submissions 

Cherry blossoms, 
  blue fire hydrant

Stringer Photo Group

A slow walk through Pine Banks ...
The Stringer Photo Group
 ... a familiar place through the camera lens

Speculation zooms
 over plate mystery

by Stringer Don Norris

Congregational Church indoor yard sale 
From Stringer Don Norris

The cold facts- photographing icicles
by Louise Fennell
 ... there's always something there.

Cribbage Players
at Senior Center

from the SilverStringers

  my calculator?

photo by Don Norris

Perk up!
  Summer's just
  around the corner  

from the SilverStringers

'Shooting' people on gray days
by Don Norris
 ... Lack of light sets a different scene

Rust bucket
  brings back

the SilverStringers

Trimount works 
  Picture Feature

photo by Louise Fennell

An ounce
  of prevention ...

by Natalie Thomson

On any Saturday -- 
by Don Norris
 ... sneak a peek at what happens in this all-American town ...

MDC steps up, builds nice park
from the Stringer photo group

On considering
  Boston Light ..
  Outstanding photo!

photo: Barbara Leedham 

Victorian Fair in Photographs
digital photos from Don Norris
 ... random shots, irreverent commentary at the fair ...

Big splash for charity
Photos and commentary by Natalie Thomson
 ... Victorian Fair dunking booth coughs up dollars

Local Oak gets
 lingering revenge

from Jean Maure

The original was $400
 -- the model, $15.95

by Don Norris
 ... at 14, he was the coolest dude in town ...

 ... an anonymous husband

These must be
 CITY turkeys!

by Don Norris

  in Polish???

by the SilverStringers

Shooting digitally, in a nutshell
by Don Norris
 ... Second in a series: Why go digital?

Every fall,
 New England
 looks like this ...

by Don Norris

Change directions -- go digital!
by Don Norris
 ... digital photography is a whiz -- but it's no small investment

Photo essay: Beebe School oil tank removal
by Frances Bertulli
 ... It all happened behind the Milano Senior Center. 

More photos of Stringers' visit in Ennis, Ireland
by Ella Letterie
 ... the scenery was beautiful, the people even more so ...

DeCordova Museum
by Ella Letterie
... A Wonderful Day at The DeCordova Museum  

Plinking at
 tin cans still
 age-old sport

by Don Norris

Meet Melrose -
 View from
 a mountaintop

by Don Norris

More paintings
 from Tony

by the SilverStringers

Sunset from
a highrise

by Hedy Kodish

The view from the sixth floor
with Bill Jodrey and Don Norris
 ... all about our town, churches, taxes, pre-history -- whatever. 

Photo Review of the "New" St. Mary's Church
Virginia Hanley
... a sampling of the changes in the recent renovation ... 

City Of Homes: Spotlight 
Bernadette Mahoney

Lingering Colors of a Late Fall
by D.R. Norris

Winter - Snow cometh again?
Bob Ross
... Winters past... 

The Mystery of Pond Number Three
Crocs or Bedrocks, that is the question.

Len Dalton's "Melrose Scenes"

Turkey Invades Melrose
... evidence supplied by Marie and David Moorland.

Party Time for the Turkeys
Frances Bertulli

Where did all
the girls go???

... from the MHS
Class of '49, and 
its reunion committee ...

The Competition -- that other media....
More social pokes from Isaac Strickland. 

When in Switzerland, Climb a Mountain
... photos sent to a friend by Brian and Priscilla Simm 

Study in Yellow and Blue -- and late Fall Colors
Scenes about Melrose, from Isaac Strickland

A Wonderland in our Back Yard
From the photo files of Isaac Strickland

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