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How to avoid Red Sox disappointment

... Here is the solution... 

Russ Priestley

(Author's note: this was written Nov.5,'99. Maybe conditions are still extant).

As a long-time Red Sox fan, who has suffered through many years of late-season let-down, I am now able to reveal a solution to this dilemma which has recurred over a period of many years ... and it is simple.

I did not realize what I was doing when I planned well in advance to be on a trip out of the U.S. I left on the 16th of October from JFK on a flight to Barcelona. The beloved Red Sox had lost the first game to the N.Y. Yankees, but Pedro Martinez, the best pitcher in either league, was pitching against Roger Clemens on this day. Yes, the same Roger Clemens who left Boston in a huff (which is a pretty good automobile, as Groucho Marx used to say) because of ridiculous contract demands. Later,in Toronto, he demanded to be traded to a contender, so he was traded to the Yankees.

I was far away from the U.S. and over the Atlantic Ocean when the pilot announced over the p.a. system that the Red Sox were leading the Yankees by 13 to 1. For a fleeting moment, I thought "could this be the year? And I'm missing the action."

After that I was too busy with my travel plans to even think about baseball. I could not find a Herald Tribune to check on the results. The deliveries were late in Barcelona. Were the Information Gods protecting me from any bad news? I continued to think "vacation."

It was not until several days later when it was all over and somebody brought up the subject that I learned that those dreaded Yankees had won the series. There was "no joy in Mudville", but I did not have to go through the daily pains of anxiety, followed by disappointment. It was easier to take this way, somehow.

Maybe you could think of a better solution, but this one worked for me.

November 5, 1999

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