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Once a mother?

... A thin slice of life, a 90 year-old mom

Leonard Peterson

The occasion was the fiftieth class reunion of the Wakefield High School class of 1944. It was held at the Crowne Plaza in Woburn near route 93 in the fall of 1994.

We arrived a bit late, but found two seats together near Al, a classmate and friend. I hadn't seen Al much over the years, but I knew that he had never married, lived in the old family home in Wakefield and took care of his ninety-year-old mother.

Al got the attention of the folks at the table and told us about his leaving for the reunion. The dialogue went something like this. (Remember that Al is 68 years old and "Mom" is 90!)

Mom: Al I don't think you should go out tonight because of the traffic.

Al: Don't worry mother, there is not much traffic and I am only going to Woburn.

Mom: OK , I'll wait up for you.

Al: I'm going to a class reunion and I might be out quite late. Please don't wait up for me.

Mom: Wake me when you get home.

Once a mother?

January 7, 2000

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