The Competition -- that other media....

More social pokes from Isaac Strickland. 

Modern-day Melrose warrants not one, not two, but three outlets for all the news its 29,000 residents generate. At the left is Bill Minier, in this case representing the Melrose Free Press, part of a chain of some hundred local and area newspapers between southern Rhode Island and Amesbury, Mass., on the New Hampshire border. And at the right is the delightful Marci Holbrook, Miss Everything at MMTV -- Melrose, Mass., Television. Both these organizations have welcomed the new kids on the block, the SilverStringers and their electronic Melrose Mirror. Good will seems to abound.

What's this fellow Minier doing? Why, he's taking a news photo with a mini-digital camera. No more 4x5 Speed Graphic, no more Rollei 2x2's, no more ubiquitus 35 millimeter -- but rather the instant gratification of digital flicks.

In this case, Mr. Minier fiddles with his handy-dandy itty bitty press camera -- which is fast becoming the industry standard. Just stick it in your watchpocket and off you go. And by the way, notice in the top photo that the lady Holbrook still has to lug around some forty pounds of equipment for her television station. Mr. Minier seems at a loss ... Oh yes, the photos above, all three, were shot with a Kodak -- digital. By a staffer on the Melrose Mirror.

November 26, 1999

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