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Computer Tips10/04:
Save incoming email

... save email to edit or pass on

Bob Ross

Saving email using WinXP-Outlook Express.

Did you ever want to save an incoming email to a folder to keep or work on later?
Real simple ... Click on the message in your inbox to open.

Fastest way is: (XP-Outlook Express)
1. Double click on the message, a new window opens,
2. At top left click on Save As.
   New window, Save Message As opens saving to My Documents folder, filename automatically filled in.
3. Press Save. It will be saved as mail (eml) automatically.
4. If it is a text only, no images/photos, you can change to text by adding at
end (dot) .txt then press tab key and press "T" key, then press Save.
If you have "Save As" in your Taskbar, click on it.
If you don't, click on "File", then "Save As".
Save Message As window opens.
At top is Save in box... My documents.
If you want to change folder to Save in:
 a. Click the arrow on right by this box.
 b. Select folder you want it saved to.
      (Suggest Desktop so you can find it easily. You can move to another folder later).
  c. At bottom is File Name box.
      The name of the file is already added for you but no extension at end.
  d. Save as type box will have Mail (.eml).

IF the file is text only (No photos/images) and you want to "edit" it,
Click in Save as type box then click Text File.
Click save. It is saved to where you sent it

If the email has images,
Click save.  
It is now in My Documents folder or wherever you saved to.

To check what you did:
If you have a Show Desktop icon in your Taskbar (left side), click on it to close all windows.
Desktop now visible.
You can move file to any folder where you store stuff.   

Find and click on your My Documents folder on desktop. Find the file and click on it to open. If you saved to Desktop, it will be on the left side of screen.

If there is no Show Desktop icon Minimize everything so desktop is viewable.

Click on My Documents or find the file on your desktop, usually at bottom left. Click on it to view and edit if saved as a text file, or print.

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October 1, 2004

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