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Computer Tips: 11/ 04
Group of contacts and 'Inbox' tricks

... one email contacts all your friends

by Bob Ross

For Win-XP/Outlook Express
1. Create a group of contacts.
You can create a single group name (alias or list of contacts)to use when sending a message to several contacts at once. Simply create a group name and add individual contacts to the group. Then, in the To box, put your name, and put the group name in the BCC box when you send e-mail.

In the Address Book, select the folder in which you want to create a group. Click New on the toolbar, then click New Group.

The Properties dialog box opens. In the Group Name box, type the name of the group.

There are several ways to add people to the group:
To add a person from your Address Book list, click Select Members, and then click a name from the Address Book list.

To add a person directly to the group without adding the name to your Address Book, type the person's name and e-mail address in the lower half of the Properties dialog box, and then click Add.

To add a person to both the group and your Address Book, click New Contact and fill in the appropriate information.

To use a directory service, click Select Members, and then click Find. Select a directory service from the drop-down list at the end of the text box. After finding and selecting an address, it is automatically added to your Address Book.

Repeat for each addition until your group is defined.

Note: To view a list of your groups separately from the Address Book listings, in the Address Book, on the View menu, make sure that Folders and Groups is selected.

You can create multiple groups, and contacts can belong to more than one group.

Example: SilverStringers Editors - Friends - Jokes - Hot stuff
Any name can be used to meet your needs.

When ready to send an email to this group,
1. Click on Create
2. In To: line - type your name or email address
3. in Bcc line: Click on icon to left on this line.
    Your address book opens.
4. Click on the Group you created to hi-lite
5. Click on BCC - it appears in BCC box on right
5. Click OK.  
6 Back to the email you are composing.

Complete your message, click send.

2. Inbox tricks.

Your Inbox is open and incoming email visible.

1. On TOP left side is the Inbox under mail icon.
2. Under this is another Inbox with mail icon beside it and a period at end. This controls display of folders you have. Your incoming email is listed. Generally this is all that will be shown.
3. If there is no Folders box, click on "INBOX"
 A wide listing of folders you have is to the left.
   Under Inbox, it tells you "click push pin to keep open" -
   To the right, is the push pin. Click on it.

The line now becomes "Folders"

You now have on left side a SMALLER list of all folders. On right is your inbox displaying your email. The wide section is Temporary and allows you to check your folders. If you want to eliminate the folder section, click on any email and it disappears.

To retain the folder list, on the right is a push pin. Click on this pin and the width is reduced and is permanent until you click on the x. Clicking on the x will close your folder section. Just displaying your incoming mail.

To open the Folder section, click on the Inbox icon again, reduce the size and it will be available whenever you open Outlook Express.

To copy an email to a folder, RIGHT click on the message,
In dropdown list, click on copy to folder.
Another box opens, usually to last folder you copied/moved a message to.

Find the folder you want to copy to, click on it, click ok.
If a folder has not been made, you can make it now by clicking on NEW Folder.
This puts a copy in the folder you select and leaves the message in your inbox.   

You can also move to a folder. It is removed from your InBox.

If your incoming email does not align properly, click on the x to close folder section. This usually aligns as sent to you.

November 5, 2004

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November 5, 2004

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