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Faith Renshaw

After reading screaming headlines recounting endless robberies, murders, hatred, and tragedies that have befallen mankind, one wonders whether or not there are any nice things happening in this ever-changing, fast-paced world.

However, I have happily observed that there are still nice folks around, doing kind, everyday things, although they are not noted in the media limelight. Therefore, I will give them the attention that they rightly deserve in the internet media limelight.

For example, as I went about my shopping errands in the market, I suddenly sneezed. A very pleasant voice behind me called out, "God bless you!" I turned and saw a young woman -- a total stranger, and I smilingly replied, "God bless you, too!".  This brief encounter was a lovely uplifting moment that I will remember even though the passing stranger's face escaped me.

Another nice occurrence was when I approached the entrance to a public building. A white-haired man was ahead of me. Yet, with impeccably good manners, he grasped the door-knob, turned to look around, and stood back, holding the door wide open for me to enter before him. I smiled and thanked him. I was astounded that in this day of the "me generation", there still remain remnants of politeness and good manners that were taught in school years ago.  I found myself saying, "Chivalry is not dead." and he appreciated that.

When alighting from the MBTA train, I have noticed that frail, or senior citizens nowadays, are often resigned to strap-hanging in front of sprawling young six-footers who wouldn't dream of giving the badly needed seats to an impaired or elderly person. Yet, on several occasions, I have observed young oriental women go out of their way to offer their seats to such people.  What a wonderful reflection on their culture and upbringing to make them so kind.

When such considerate actions occur, they leave behind happy memories of wonderful, thoughtful strangers.

So, no, the world is not going to pot yet. And, yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!

Feb. 5, 1999

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