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To Jim Driscoll -

I recently perused the Silver Stringer site and read the article about your family. Somehow I missed it previously.

Your trip to California and back in those days must have been something. I noted that your parents were friends with Bob Widdowson. He was a friend of my parents also. Of course he was our dentist also. The Widdowsons were great people.

I also noted the part about the YMCA in the thirties. My mother also defied Fr. Bonner and signed us up at the "Y". My brother and I also went to Camp Lawrence on lake Winnepasaukee.

My brother Joe recently asked me if anyone knows where Phil Walsh is. They were very close friends prior to the war. I had some contact with him in the early 1980's and then I heard he moved to Florida. At one point I had a telephone number, but he is no longer listed in that area. Would you know his present address? His health was poor the last I knew. I hope he is still with us.

I also studied the St. Mary's picture and see Phil in it. That prompted me to contact you. I too had a photo taken on the same steps a few years later but I don't know what happened to it. Would you know of a source of these photos? I started with your sister Jean but was held back in the 7th grade so it would be the year after Jean graduated.

I hope you have had a great Christmas and my best wishes for a wonderful and healthy 2000.

Best wishes to an old friend.

John Murphy
2148 Academy Drive
Clearwater, FL 33764
Tel 727 442 5473
Fax 727 441 8084

December 30, 1999

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