Random Thoughts


... a stray thought when the moon was full

by Bill Jodrey

I was running some reminiscences through my mind last night when I inadvertently switched tracks, as it were, and compared some of my "adventures in miniature" with the really big-time doers.

I didn't do a Peary, and walk to the North Pole, but I was lost on an unfamiliar mountain in a sudden snow squall and I learned a lesson that day. Actually, I made my way down hill and, except for falling over two six foot ledges, which I couldn't see in the snow, I eventually came to a road and all was well. Now when it snows, I watch it through a window.

Also, I must add, I did not do a Johnny Appleseed, and walk across the U.S. from the northshore town of Wenham, Mass. to Utah with an upside-down cooking pot on my head, planting apple seeds along the way, which grew to become trees. They, in turn, produced fruit which saved the lives of many Mormons who trekked from the state of New York to the state of Utah.

However, I did walk along the Mojave desert long enough to get a bad case of sunstroke, which, in my estimation, makes Johnny Appleseed a real hero.

Then, too, I didn't do a Lindbergh, and fly a plane to Paris, but I did pay a barnstormer to fly over North Reading, Mass., and we did fly five loop-the-loops. I was cured of flying for twenty-five years.

I didn't run the marathon as Clarence DeMar did, but I have caught street cars and freight cars 'on the fly.'

I haven't had a book published but I have written two or three items for the Melrose Mirror, and that is almost the same (???)

I've been chasing rainbows all my life and so far five other men have realized my pot of goals but, hey, who's counting?

Feb. 05, 2000

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